Halloween Is Coming! | Top 10 Halloween Crafts To Get Your Spook On

Do you get excited about creating for Halloween? I will never forget my first experience of being invited to a Halloween Party. I was completely blown away by the spooky bats, spiderwebs, ghosts and glowing pumpkins! Such fun :) This week’s crafty goodness is all about amazingly easy Halloween crafts. Enjoy! Please share. Join now for creative craft inspiration. The best in craft delivered to your inbox every Monday - CraftyLikeGranny.com #halloweencrafts #craft #diy

Do you get excited about creating for Halloween? This year we will be celebrating Halloween in Spain along with lots of other families. My kids are excited to design their own costumes for the day. I will never forget my first experience of being invited to a Halloween Party. I was utterly blown away by … Read more

Celebrate Fall With These Perfect Pumpkin Crafts

For this weeks Top 10 In Craft, it’s all about perfect pumpkin crafts in honor of fall. Such a delicious vegetable, it reminds us of the cooling weather and the escape from the heat of summer. Celebrate the coming months of fall with a beautiful glittered pumpkin decor. Or perhaps you will make a few … Read more

Easy Elephant Crafts

Excellent Elephant Crafts are the focus for the Top 10 this week. Some fun ideas for kids and adults to enjoy making. The crocheted elephant book ends are gorgeous and the felt elephants are so sweet! Take a look at all the fabulous elephant crafts below… But first up an update on my 2 at … Read more

Origami Crafts – Have Fun Folding Paper!

Crafting with paper is fun and the art of Origami is amazing! This week there is plenty of Origami Crafts inspiration. The Origami Jumping Frogs would make a great game for kids and the Star Burst Wreath looks fantastic! Hope you find something you’d like to make 🙂 I’ve managed to work the toe up … Read more

Adorable Apple Crafts

This week’s Top 10 in Craft features some gorgeous Apple Crafts! The Apple inspired embroidery is gorgeous and the knitted apple hat pattern for kids is adorable. Find more Apple Crafts goodness below. I love the quote above, it ties in to the philosophy of life long learning. There is always something to learn, sometimes … Read more

Lovely Leaf Crafts For Fall

I have fond memories of walking through fallen leaves as a child with my Grandfather. There’s something special about the fall season. This week’s craft ideas feature clever ways to use leaves. Take a look at the Leaf Crafts. They’ll delight the young and the not-so-young crafters! My two socks are finished! The last part … Read more

Hoottastic & Adorable Owl Crafts For All Ages

Owls are such majestic and intelligent looking creatures; they are the symbol of magic and ancient knowledge. For this weeks Top 10 In Craft, It’s all about cute and hootastic owl crafts for the young and young at heart. They also make for adorable craft ideas. There are all sorts of crafts in here, from … Read more

Beautiful Fall Crafts To Inspire You

Fall Crafts

For this weeks Top 10 In Craft, It’s all about the beautiful fall crafts in honor of the season that brings great change. This has most likely been said a million times, but there is something magical about seeing the greenery erupt into a beautiful sea of warm colors. From crafts inspired by the beautiful … Read more

Fun Back To School Crafts

Back to school crafts

For this week’s Top 10 In Craft, it’s all about fun and educational back to school crafts to get kids excited about going back to school. The quote I’ve chosen for Back To School Crafts spoke to me about knowledge and wonder, and how important they both are in education and learning. Turn creative and … Read more

Magical Mermaid Crafts


This week’s crafty goodness inspiration comes from Mermaids! There are so many clever ideas for craft projects to try. The Amigurumi Mermaid dolls are gorgeous and the mermaid tail snuggle blanket would be lovely to curl up in on the couch. Enjoy! On My Needles This week I went to the local yarn store near … Read more

Easy And Fun Animal Crafts To Make

Crafting brings pleasure and joy and is fun to do. Encouraging kids to use their imaginations to create is a great way to introduce them to craft. Getting them to explore a topic such as ‘Animals’ opens up a whole world of craft activities. Who knows, maybe a bit of learning will happen too? 🙂 … Read more

Dr Seuss Crafts And Ideas For Kids

Dr Seuss Crafts

This week features super fun crafts that are all inspired by Dr Seusss. Oh how I love the Dr Seuss stories! So cleverly written and full of fabulous characters. It is hard to pick my favorite but There’s A Wocket In My Pocket comes to mind first. How about you? What’s your favorite Dr Seuss … Read more

Wonderful Yarn Crafts To Make

This week I have found some fabulous crafts that all are made with yarn! I love how crafters get so creative with yarn. There are some ideas below that I would love to try. The yarn tassels as an edging for a bed cover caught my eye, as did the woven bangles. There are plenty … Read more

4th of July Crafts – Patriotic Decorations and DIYS

4th Of July Crafts - Quote Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better - Albert Camus

Getting ready for 4th of July celebrations is such fun! The whole family can get involved. There are plenty of fabulous ideas featured in my Top 10 Crafts – 4th Of July Crafts post. The DIY 4th of July Banner with blue, white and red paper and burlap would make a wonderful decoration. Kids will … Read more

Beautiful Butterfly Crafts


The quote above is apt this week. Whenever I see a butterfly I immediately feel a sense of wonder and joy! Seeing the Blue Morpho butterfly was one of the highlights of my travels in Mexico. One day I would love to see the Monarch Butterflies in Michoacán, Mexico. This week’s Top 10 in Craft … Read more

Top 10 Memorial Day Crafts

Memorial Day Crafts

This week we have a list of Memorial Day crafts to honor those who have served in the US Armed Forces. This year, Memorial day is Monday, the 27th Of May. It originated after the civil war when people would honor those who died during the war. It was initially called Decoration Day. People would … Read more

Cute Crafts That Are Fun To Make


I love the quote above. It reminds me to keep going when I think I can’t do something. Do motivational quotes sometimes help you? This week all the crafty goodness is totally focused on Cute Crafts. The DIY Pet Pals are adorable and for something to add a bit of life to your home decor; … Read more

Father’s Day Crafts That Dads Will Love

Fathers Day Crafts

This week’s crafty goodness features some fun and easy to do Father’s Day Crafts. Kids will love to get involved with making these craft projects. Some they can do all by themselves and others will require some help. The variety of card ideas are great and the Typography Glasses are a clever idea. First up … Read more

Flower Crafts To Delight You

Flower Crafts That Will Delight You Happiness is when what you think what you say and what you do are in harmony Mahatma Gandhi

As a child I used to love gathering flowers from my Grandmother’s garden. I also remember making flowers from tissue paper and cellophane. It was such fun curating this roundup, I adore flowers and hope you too will enjoy these flower crafts. First up, my knitting progress… On My Needles This week I have progressed … Read more

Space Crafts That Are Out Of This World!

Space Crafts

This week as you might have guessed from the title, features fabulous Space Crafts. My kids and I were recently discussing the planets and I am sure they would love to tackle some of these crafts. I love the adorable arigurumi Aliens and the Moon cross stitch pattern. Something for everyone in the crafty goodness … Read more

Easy Crafts – You Can Totally Make These

Easy Crafts That You Can Totally Make

Sometimes you just want a craft project that is simple but effective. This week’s Top 10 In Craft is all about Easy Crafts. Easy does not mean boring by any means. There are some fab ideas to try out, I hope you find something that you’d like to do. On My Needles Last week I … Read more

Mother’s Day Crafts – Make Handmade Gifts

Mums are like buttons they hold everything together

This week is all about craft inspiration for Mothers Day Crafts. Receiving something handmade on Mother’s Day is always a delight. My kids have often secreted themselves away before Mother’s Day to do a crafty project for me. Their handmade cards and little sewing or knitted projects bring a smile to my face. In this … Read more

Beautiful Crafts For Adults That You Will Love

Of course I talk to myself I need expert advice

Do you talk to yourself when crafting? I thought this craft joke was a bit of fun 🙂 I certainly talk to myself but not sure I would call myself an expert just yet. This week’s Top 10 in Craft is all about Crafts for Adults and there are so many wonderful projects to enjoy! … Read more

Angel Crafts That Are Adorable

Craft Quote by Karen Alfke

For this weeks Top 10 In Craft, It’s all about adorable Angel Crafts So many wonderful ideas that talented crafters have shared. The Angel Votive is a lovely project and for the little crafters, the Fingerprint are fun and simple to do. But first a craft update of my own… This post may contain affiliate … Read more

Easy Crafts for Kids That Are Fun To Do

SABLE Stash Aquisition Beyond Life Expectancy

For this weeks Top 10 In Craft, It’s all about Easy Crafts For Kids So many different projects to get the creativity flowing. There are some excellent tips on how to teach crochet to children and how to knit a simple Pom Pom Scarf. But first a little progress report of my own… On My … Read more

Spring Is In The Air! – Easter Crafts

Spring Is A Time Of Plans and Projects ~ Leo Tolstoy

Spring is in the air! Spring is such a lovely season, we say goodbye to those freezing days and look forward to more sun and warmth! For this weeks Top 10 In Craft, It’s all about Easter Crafts. The crafty ideas are such fun, there is something for everyone. There’s lots of variety to keep … Read more

Weekly Craft Top 10 – Magical Unicorn Crafts

Crafting is my kinda thing. Yours too? There are so many fabulous craft ideas to be inspired by. Whatever work in progress you have going on, may it continue to bring happiness. If you've recently finished one, relish that sense of achievement and by all means do a little happy dance!! Hope you enjoy this week's crafty goodness...Please share and make Mondays fun, get our craft inspiration delivered to your inbox - CraftyLikeGranny.com #knitting #crochet #sewing

For this week’s top 10 In Craft, I am talking about none other than mystical and magical unicorn crafts! Amazing and fascinating creatures having existed in mythology for thousands of years. They have their roots in Ancient Mesopotamian artworks, and they were also found in the ancient myths of India and China. Did you know … Read more