Jodie Morgan Owner Crafty Like Granny

Hello from the team at Crafty Like Granny 🙂 

I'm Jodie, I started this site, as I was keen to get back into craft, having had a lapse of a few years.

I've knitted blankets, sweaters, hats and scarves/cowls.  I've hand stitched quilts, machine quilted, crocheted and sewn my own clothes. I love drawing mandalas in gorgeous colors.

My own mother, now Granny to my children and my grandmother inspired my craftiness from a young age.

I have spent many hours online, trying to find information about craft projects. After finding some incredibly helpful information online, I thought ‘Why not put together a resource for other people who are looking to get back into craft?’

Hence the creation of the Crafty Like Granny site and once a week newsletter.

Our aim is to reduce the amount of time people have to search for fantastic, helpful information, inspirational reading and craft news.


Excited? Sign up below and let’s get started!

Yours in Craftiness 🙂

Jodie - Founder

Colored drawing pencils, pencil sharpener, shavings

Best hand-picked tips, trends, stories, that will enhance your craft pursuits – without the noise and fluff.