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I’m celebrating the fantastic and hard-working craft bloggers that give us so much inspiration and joy.

Top 100 Craft Blogs Crafty Like Granny

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Here are the best craft blogs!

I reviewed, fact checked and updated this post on June 3, 2023.

 Crafty Chica by Kathy Cano-Murillo

Kathy’s passion is to inspire people to bring out their “inner sparkle”. An author of many books, creativepreneur and public speaker; Kathy is promoting positivity through creativity.

Crafty Chica features wonderful Latinocentric arts and crafts. Her designs are full of color and life! There is so much to learn from Kathy’s projects and tutorials. Sifting through all her crafty goodness just brings a smile to your face 🙂

Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Youtube

Sugar & Cloth Craft Blog by Ashley Rose


Ashley Rose always had an interest in DIY craft and design, but her passion for it didn’t resurface until several years into her adulthood. After deciding to take a gap year from university that stretched into several, she decided to dive right into her passion. Thus Sugar & Cloth was born, and nine years later, it’s going stronger than ever. She loves all things DIY, and that is the main scope of her blog.

Sugar & Cloth

The principle of her blog seems to be pleasing to the eye, not too time-consuming and complicated, and a joy to make. Which is exactly what they are. She shares carefully constructed, and aesthetically pleasing themed projects and crafts.

FInstagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Hello Hydrangea by Lindsey Campbell

Lindsey From Hello Hydrangea

Lindsey Campbell is an artist, weaver, and craft instructor. She helps and has helped thousands of students perfect their weaving skills. She shares her hard-earned expertise in her book, Welcome to Weaving: The Modern Guide. Her passions include weaving, macramé and helping other people to realize their creative potential. Her courses would make an excellent birthday gift.


Right off the bat, her website is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and very well designed. The minimalist theme fits in quite well with her mission and site. She shares her expertise and helpful tips and tricks on everything to do with weaving in her blog and weekly newsletter.

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Yarn Harlot by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee


Stephanie has been writing and blogging about life and her knitting pursuits for over 14 years. A highly acclaimed author and knitting expert. Stephanie’s blog has a strong readership and for that she is so very grateful.


What Stephanie shares on her blog about her life is honest and heartfelt, sometimes sharing her most difficult times. Stephanie’s knitting projects are peppered throughout her life commentary. Her knitting books are full of humor and contain fabulous knitting tips and tricks.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Ravelry

Paper and Stitch by Brittni Mehlhoff


With a background in fine art and a careful, fun, and systematic approach, Brittni Mehlhoff is excellent at what she does. She loves all things Style, DIY, and Design. Paper & Stich was started in 2008 with a specific idea in mind: sharing what Brittni knows and loves. But she has also branched out onto other subjects, interior design, quick and easy recipes, and her musings on travel.


Why We Love It: Paper & Stich has tutorials, projects, and posts about retro and classic designs, with a perfect modern twist. Brittni loves to share her opinions and thoughts on all sorts of subjects, from fashion to little things going on in her life. Her style of writing always makes for a fun and exciting read.

Find Paper & Stitch on Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Flamingo Toes by Bev McCullough

Bev’s passion to create stemmed from growing up in a family of artists and seamstresses. She began sewing as a teenager and made her own clothes and room decor. Her style is a mix between modern and vintage. Her love for DIY, crafting and sewing has grown to include jewelry making, furniture refinishing and anything else that inspires her.

Why We Love It: Bev’s creations are adorable and so much fun! Her designs and projects are beautiful and it’s hard not to want to make all of them!

Find Flamingo Toes on Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

The Idea Room by Amy Huntley


Amy Huntley is a photographer, proud mother of five, and loves all things craft and outdoors. A former Science teacher, she now spends her days doing what she loves most. Being a stay-at-home mom, and running her blog the Ideas Room. She shares all sorts of creative projects.


The Ideas Room is mainly aimed at women looking to add more creativity to their lives. She shares easy projects, from papercraft to embroidery. If you are interested in interior design, she has plenty of that as well.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Positively Splendid by Amy Bell


Growing up in a household filled with painting and sewing, Amy from Positively Splendid got into crafting and creativity from a young age. The blog began in 2010 with an aim to help others discover their creativity. The tutorials are full of wonderful photos, created to showcase what can be made with two hands.


The photos used for each of Amy’s tutorials are incredibly helpful. They guide you along each step of how and what to do. Wonderful inspiration for home decor ideas and crafty projects for the holiday seasons.

Find  on Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Crafterholic by Fern


Fern is the brain behind the wonderful site, Crafterholic. She is a self-confessed craft addict, a jewelry and handmade greeting card designer. She created her website to share all the beautiful things she finds inspiring. She also likes to interview people who make homemade items, and ask how they make what they do and their thoughts.


Crafterholic shares all sorts of tutorials, tidbits, and articles from all across the crafting blogosphere. This makes it a wonderful place if you are looking for a good read or some inspiration. Her jewelry and greeting card designs are beautiful and well worth a look.

Find Crafterholic on Pinterest | Twitter

The Crafty Angels by Angela Jose


Angela Jose is a Malayalee, (An Indian from the state of Kerala) who lives in Karnataka with her husband and daughter. She worked as an Engineer for many years, and she had her child and took a maternity break. During this time, Angela discovered her love of craft and DIY. Now she balances running the blog, working at her job, and spending time with her family.


Angela shares all sorts of crafting basics and simple but effective crafty tutorials. She also posts travel ideas and suggestions, as well as helpful tips for crafting in India. She creates some unique projects.

The Crafted Sparrow by Rebecca Lopez


The Crafted Sparrow was started several years ago, in 2011, by Rebecca. Previously, she worked in restaurant and retail management. But one day, Rebecca decided that she would start her career in blogging, and hasn’t looked back since. She aims to share inexpensive, simple craft projects so that everyone has a chance to create and style their home.


Simple and inexpensive craft tutorials? Check. Writing with lots of heart? Check. Beautifully designed projects and photography. Check. Rebecca has a beautiful site, well worth your time.

Find The Crafted Sparrow on Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Rosyscription by Shannon


Madigan Made has now become Rosyscription. What is a Rosyscription? Well, according to the website owner, Shannon, it is a ‘prescription’ for a rosy and creative life? It’s merely… Make. Dwell. Glow. Celebrate. Repeat as needed. Shannon is a pharmacist by day, and a creative blogger by night.


Rosyscription has a pretty, elegant theme, fitting in perfectly with Shannon’s intention for the site. She shares all sorts of beautiful and straightforward DIY projects, from home decor to things to delight your little ones.

Find Rosyscription on Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Aunt Peaches by Amanda Evanston


Aunt Peaches, a craft site, but why would it be called that? The answer, Aunt Peaches aka Amanda Evanston is an artist, maker, and self-confessed hardcore sequin enthusiast. She uses her blog as a creative outlet, and shares all the beautiful creations she finds in the world.


Amanda loves to write, make and talk about interesting crafty things, and that shines through on her blog. She posts about all sorts of things, from her journey in art to Halloween decorations.


Creative Green Living by Carrissa Bonham


Carissa from Creative Green Living has three main loves, being creative, looking after the environment, and making healthy choices for her family. She has combined all of them with her blog. She aims to help families by making it easier to find beautiful and easy solutions to everyday problems and still staying healthy and green.


Creative Green Living has an excellent ethos and standard of quality. I love their creative solutions to making environmentally friendly versions of essential products. She also shares lots of exciting projects for families and kids to do together.

Find Creative Green Living on Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

I Heart Naptime by Jamielyn Nye


Jamielyn Nye’s crafty ideas help to create wonderful moments. Her blog contains tips for entertaining, craft projects and recipes. One of her passions is to be thrifty and repurposing old treasures.


There are fab holiday season craft tutorials to follow on I Heart Naptime. The Chalkboard Advent calendar is super 🙂 The sewing and DIY projects are fun and easy to follow. The home decor ideas look gorgeous.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Skip To My Lou by Cindy Hopper


Skip to my Lou is the work of Cindy Hopper who has a Bachelor Degree in Art Education. Her site offers fabulous inspiration with free patterns, downloads, and ideas for craft projects. Celebrating holidays, cooking, sewing and creating is what Skip To My Lou is all about. The ideas shared are so you can make memories with your family and friends.


There is plenty to enjoy on Skip To My Lou. Lots of sewing, crochet and crafting projects to try. The tutorials are easy to follow. Holiday celebration ideas are varied and super fun. Both kids and adults are catered for. The crocheted flowers tutorial is one of my favorites.

Instagram | PinterestTwitter | Facebook

Not Martha by Meagan Reardon


Megan post pages about how to make things. The blog Not Martha has been around since 2001 and has heaps of ideas that Megan has tried over the years.


Not Martha has some wonderful ideas, and as the site is over 17 years old, there’s plenty to choose from. It’s worth noting that due to some of the posts being old, the supplies may have changed or are not available. Megan has been very transparent about that.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Crafts On Sea by Kate Williams


Inspired by her life by the sea and her passion for craft, Kate loves to share her crafty projects for both kids and adults. She also provides lifestyle tips for families.


Craft on Sea is fabulous for kids and kids at heart. Easy, achievable craft projects designed by Kate to provide fun for the whole family. Her free coloring pages are lovely.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Heart and Handmade by Claire


Heart and Handmade are all about simple crafts and DIY projects that don’t take forever to make. The tutorials and guides offered by Claire help people craft all sorts of crafty goodness to decorate their homes.


Claire has a wonderful sense of humor! When you read “I want to give women with no frickin time, easy and effective solutions to fill the crafty shaped hole in their lives,” it gives you an indication of the way she approaches crafting. Her diy crafts and tutorials are super easy to follow, and they are great fun!

Instagram | Pinterest |Youtube | Twitter | Facebook

Claireabelle Makes By Claire


Claireabellemakes is the creative lifestyle brand of Claire Wilson. Her designs focus is about bringing color and positivity into your life. Her creative blog strives to be a source of inspiration and positivity in the handmade world.


Claires’ designs are superb. Her blogging about her creative life in Cambridge makes for interesting reading.

Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

A Pair And A Spare by Geneva Vanderzeil


Originally from Australia, Geneva created her blog as a journal for her DIY project. Geneva has published a best selling book called DIY Fashionista. Her passion has led to many opportunities in her career.


A Pair And A Spare is a feast for the eyes! Sensational photography and interesting reading makes it a blog to return to time and time again. Full of great DIYs, sewing tutorials and design tips.

Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Crafts By Amanda by Amanda Formaro


Amanda Formano loves to cook, bake and be creative. Her previous career was in finance; then she worked from home building her business in craft and baking blogging. Amanda loves to share all her tips and tricks for creative crafts and delicious recipes.


There are plenty of super crafty ideas for adults and kids on Crafts by Amanda. There is heaps of inspiration for the holiday seasons and fun activities to do as a whole family.

Instagram | Pinterest | Facebook

Tip Junkie by Laurie Turk


Laurie Turk loves to create and embellish. For over 12 years she has been producing printables for busy Moms. Now Tip Junkie promotes fabulous crafty ideas and products from everyday women.


Tip Junkie features excellent crafting ideas featuring other crafters submissions. Plenty of DIY ideas and themed holiday craft suggestions.

Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Jenny Batt by Jenny Batt


Jenny is passionate about party planning and home decorating ideas. Her background is in art and illustration. Her blog showcases what she loves to paint and encourages everyone to produce their own art.


If you are looking for ideas for parties and celebrations then the inspiration found on Jenny’s blog is great! Her craft tutorials are fun, modern and doable 🙂 Her illustrations are clever.

Instagram | Pinterest

Lia Griffith by Lia Griffith


Lia grew up surrounded by family members who were artists. DIY was in their blood. It was only natural that Lia chose a career which focuses on living a handcrafted lifestyle. Having followed a career of design, she realized that she was a teacher at heart. Her craft projects are achievable for all levels.


The craft projects offered at Lia Griffith are gorgeous. The fact that all crafting skill levels are catered for is a bonus. The tutorials are easy to follow. The paper flower crafts are superb and come up a treat when made.

Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

My Poppet by Cintia

Cintia from My Poppet

Cintia lives a life full of color. Her passions are repurposing second-hand vintage styles, creating fabulous craft tutorials and costumes for children. Cintia has been blogging since 2007 and loves to share all the joys of craft with her readers.


Cintia’s writing is talented and creative. Reading her posts and following her craft tutorials is a joy! She is a wiz at repurposing materials and other items.

Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Oh The Lovely Things! by Clemence


Clemence loves all sorts of crafty things, from DIY solutions to everyday problems, to free crafty printables. Oh The Lovely Things is a treasure trove of all things that Clemence, the owner, loves, hence the name. She likes to do a weekly round-up of interesting and fun DIY projects she has found across the net.


Not only is it a great craft site, but she’s also branched out to share her thoughts and advice on other topics too. Hair, fashion and style, and some great recipes are only the tip of the iceberg.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

P.S I Made This by Erica Domesek

Erica Domesek From PS I Made This

Craft The Life You Want is the motto of the craft and DIY site called PS… I Made This. Erica Domesek, the founder, has been running it since 2009, as a creative outlet for her talents. She had no way of knowing it would turn into something much, much more. It’s a very successful DIY Lifestyle website, with a focus on stylish, personal DIY projects and ideas. Now working with a team, Erika keeps putting forth good ideas.

PS-I-Made-This Craft Blog

Erica has a nifty section on her blog called Craft Math. It’s where you take one item, add a few things, and you’ve made something handmade and pleasing to the eye. They are comfortable and simple projects, very well designed. Her project photos are clear; they alone are enough to make you want to start crafting.

Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Poppy Talk by Jan Halvarson and Earl Einarson


13+ years of blogging about craft, design, and DIY has made Jan Halvarson and Earl Einarson experts in their craft. They work as a team, running Poppytalk, which has 9+ million readers worldwide. They use their background in design and media to further their work.


Poppy Talk is full of craft inspiration for DIY decor and design. The photography is gorgeous, and the ideas are fab! I love the Old Tins DIY makeover idea. Upcycling is always a great idea.

Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter | Facebook

Shrimp Salad Circus by Lindsay Ponta

Lindsay Porta From Shrimp Salad Circus

Life can be a complete blur sometimes. Often, you wish you could sit down and take some time to be creative, but there’s never enough time? Or is there? Solving that problem is the main focus of Lindsay’s site, Shrimp Salad Circus. She is known for her Craft & DIY projects, but her hobbies include hand-lettering, cooking and baking, and photography.


Lindsay is a bright, bubby soul whose personality shines through on her blog. Her site has a happy, positive vibe to it, and her projects are a joy to read and follow. One thing we like is there are lots of free printables she creates for you to use.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Jacks and Kate by Krishna

Krisha From Jacks and Kate

Jacks & Kate is a lifestyle and DIY blog run by a homeschooling mum of four, Krisha. She always loved to craft, but never tried to pursue it as a career until five years ago. That was when she started blogging, and she hasn’t stopped since. As a big part of her life are her kids, it would make sense the site focuses on crafts for kids, and projects you can do as a family. She is very creative and loves photography and crafting.

Jacks-and-Kate Craft Blog

When Krisha talks about crafting for and with your kids, she knows what she’s talking about. She comes up with all sorts of ideas using everyday recycled materials, and the results are amazing! A big part of her projects is ingenuity, and we love that.

Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Mini Echo by Kate Lilly

Kate from Mini Eco is a crafter, lover of making things with paper, and mum. She started this site when she was a full-time Mum, and her background in Web Design helped her design the website. She shares all sorts of kid’s crafts (and adult) friendly tutorials.

Mini Echo Craft Blog

t looks like Kate hasn’t been blogging since 2015, we’ve included this because one of readers suggested her and there are heaps of wonderful craft posts and tutorials to check out. We’d love to see her return to blogging her crafty goodness. Her tutorials are amazing, so colorful and creative.

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The Sweetest Occasion by Cyd Converse

Cyd Converse From The Sweetest Occasion

Creating that time to spend with her friends and family is something Cyd Converse loves to do, and that love is what drives her website. She is passionate about home decor, entertaining, and living a stylish but straightforward and clutter-free lifestyle. She started this website in honor of her grandmother, who kickstarted and embodied her dreams and passions.

The-Sweetest-Occasion Craft Blog

This site is beautiful, and it’s a joy to scroll through the enormous amounts of content. She puts time and energy into creating her recipes and ideas. The photos make the food look mouthwatering!

InstagramPinterest | Twitter | Youtube | Facebook

Tatertots and Jello by Jennifer Hadfield

Jennifer Hadfield From Tatertots and Jello

Jennifer loves doing anything creative and tries to make things from simple materials. Remaking things into something even better. The site aims to encourage other people’s creativity and to support them in their journey.


Plenty of craft inspiration to be found here. Great tutorials on paper craft and holiday season crafts.

InstagramPinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Sincerely, Kinsey by Kinsey Mhire


Kinsey Mhire is a photographer by trade and all-round creative soul. She is passionate about many creative pursuits, from fashion, art to graphic design. Her blog is an ever-shifting reflection of her interests. With her website, she wants to inspire others from making a living out of what they love.

Sincerely Kinsey Craft Blog

Her photography is amazing, so detailed, crisp and clear. They are a joy to feast the eyes on. She shares free printables and crafts from time to time,. Her thoughts and photo essays on her life make an interesting read.

InstagramPinterest | Facebook

Say Yes by Liz Stanley


Liz is a proud mother of three kids living in San Fransico, California. She created Say Yes to reflect her passions, personal and stylish living and crafts, with focus on family life. As well as craft and home decor, she shares her thoughts on family, education and sometimes, current events. Now with a dedicated team of talented writers and photographers, Say Yes will continue to deliver inspiration.

Say-Yes Lifestyle Blog

This blog is a true inspiration. Whenever you are out of ideas, this website is the answer! Be careful though; you might enjoy it so much that the hours will quickly zip by. 🙂

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

I Spy DIY by Jenni Radosevich


An eye for pleasing design, a passion for fashion and love of all things DIY is what keeps Jenni Radosevich going. She started I Spy DIY in 2012 as a creative outlet; it has become a full-blown career. She is also doing a renovation of her old home, and the before and after pictures are incredible.


I Spy DIY has some fantastic fashion hacks, tips, and tricks, and her home renovation results are stunning. The site has some smart home decor ideas. Not to mention DIY projects to suit all sorts of tastes.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Lovely Indeed By Chelsea Foy


Lovely Indeed is all about the things in life that are lovely and celebrating those things. Chelsea Foy, the founder of the site, is a hardcore DIYer and loves what she does. Her website covers all sorts of DIY topics, from travel to food to papercrafts. In her spare time, Chelsea loves traveling, exploring, photography, and spending time with those she loves.


If we could describe Lovely Indeed in only one word, it would be positiveness. The site’s design and Chelsea radiate positivity and friendliness, and it’s very genuine. The website is bright and colorful, and the DIY Projects are well worth doing.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Tauni + Co by Tauni Everett

Tauni Everett From Tauni Co

Tauni Everett was a public relations executive for many years, working for a variety of clients. But one day, a wake-up call came, and she decided to change her career. Tauni now has a job as a social media manager and runs an annual conference for bloggers. She likes home decor and DIY and shares her passions with the world on her site, Tauni + Co.

Tauni + Co Craft Blogger

Amazing printables and themed projects galore! There is so much to see and create here. It can be hard to know where to start. Tauni puts a lot of effort into her blog, and it’s a joy to read.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

You Are My Fave by Melanie Blogett


Melanie Blodgett loves nothing more than throwing parties and blogging about her experiences, and how you can throw your own. A family, fun and friends orientated soul. This shows up in her writing. Please note this site is no longer active, but it is still working and has some great content, so well worth a look.


Though her site was primarily focused on parties and how to throw them, she has a selection of great DIY projects. Colourful and bright, they’re well worth doing.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

ModPodge Rocks! By Amy Anderson


Amy loves nothing more than crafting and adding that extra bit of color to her life. With her blog, Mod Podge Rocks, she aims to do that, one colorful creation at a time. She posts all kinds of fun DIY tutorials made using the very versatile material, Mod Podge. There is plenty of themed content, and there’s a lot of tutorials on the site, so well worth a look.

Mod-Podge-Rocks Craft Blog

Mod Podge is a versatile material. The best thing is it doesn’t make to much mess when used by enthusiastic kids. Her craft ideas are perfect for younger ones, bright, colorful and fun.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Building 25

Building 25 is a unique, creative space set in an old warehouse in the Navy Yard, Philadelphia, the US. It’s run by a creative co.op called The Free People. They created the space for all sorts of people to have a space to practice their creative pursuits. The blog was designed to showcase the talents of the people who spend time there and showcase the goings on of the hub.

Building 25

The Free People is a fantastic organization, showcasing the talents of many up and coming creators and designers. The posting schedule is frequent, and you can guarantee great content every time. I’m sure that if you visit or live in Philadelphia, dropping in would be very worth it.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Vintage Revivals By Mandi Gubler


Mandi Gubler is a passionate creator and DIYer who loves nothing more than design, home decor, and decorating. She is currently renovating her house into a dream home for her family of four, (herself, husband and two daughters.) Mandi created Vintage Revivals to share her passion for all things DIY, and it has grown from there. She loves to help others achieve their decorating dreams.


The site is very thoughtfully designed, and a lot of effort has been put into the user experience and content. In short, it looks great and is very visually appealing. Her writing is entertaining and enjoyable to read. (Don’t get us started on the pin-worthy projects. They look amazing.)

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

Oh Happy Day by Jordan Ferney


Jordan Fenney is an event planner by trade, and an all-around craft and party lover. In 2006, she decided to combine her commercial expertise and love of DIY, so she created Oh Happy Day. It’s grown to be a lifestyle blog, party resource, and shop. Still, even twelve years later, Jordan continues to do what she does best. Sharing tips, tricks, and fun projects, all focused on the great things in life.


Of all the great things about Oh Happy Day, one thing stands out. The photography accompanying each of the blog posts, is incredible. Bright, fun and aesthetically pleasing, fitting in perfectly with the theme of the site. It’s sure to be a winner with anyone who likes parties, or merely fun DIY projects.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Oh Joy! by Joy Cho


When Joy Cho, a lover of craft, created her graphic design studio in 2005, she had no idea what it would grow into. Fast forward thirteen years, and it has become a very successful lifestyle brand. Now with a talented team, she continues to focus on the simple things that bring joy in life.

Oh-Joy Craft Blog

Oh, Joy! The very name evokes positivity, and Joy Cho, the owner, and founder has hit the nail on the head. Her brand upbeat, positive and fun, and the curated content is high quality. The DIY projects look fantastic.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

Pretty Prudent by Jaime Morrison Curtis and Jacinda Boneau


Jacinda and Jaime both have a passion for beautiful home design, craft and travel. Together they started Pretty Prudent and have written a book.


There are some great tutorials for the whole family, some of the standouts are Tissue Paper Rosettes Letter and How to watercolor paint a butterfly. If you love to travel, there are interesting posts on short trips away.

Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

Studio DIY by Kelly Mindell


Kelly started her blog to encourage others to create a beautiful life. Her love of color, creativity are the inspiration behind her craft projects, party ideas, home redesigns and her shop. She is also an avid lover of clutch purses 🙂


Kelly’s use of color is what makes Studio DIY such a fun and inspirational blog. You can’t help but smile at her enthusiasm. There are some super cool projects to make using her easy to follow tutorials.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

Chica and Jo by Chica & Jo


Chica and Jo is a website dedicated to clever craft ideas and inexpensive solutions. They love to make what fills a need in their everyday lives. Chica and Jo share craft ideas, DIY projects and their own sense of creativity. Their purpose of their projects is to have fun.

Chica-and-Jo Craft Website

I love the ideas Chica and Jo come up with. There are great ideas for crafts that don’t cost heaps in supplies. The craft projects appeal to the whole family and are clever and fun.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Uncommon Designs by Trish Flake


Uncommon Designs shares projects of detailed craft, home decor, and holiday tutorials. There are also ideas and inspiration for special celebrations and recipes for the family. Trish’s greatest hope is to inspire people to create a beautiful life.


There are plenty of inspirational tutorials and craft projects found on Uncommon Designs. The step by step instructions are easy to follow.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

The Purple Pumpkin by Michelle Ordever


Based in the UK, Michelle loves to share creative ideas for holiday craft projects, printables, recipes, parties and lifestyle tips. Her blog is divided into three sections, Cook, Create and Celebrate.

The Purple Pumpkin is one of the DIY craft blogs that offers a great selection of festive projects for almost every holiday. The Halloween ideas are spookily good.

Youtube | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Hello Glow by Stephanie Gerber


Stephanie started Hello Glow in 2011 to blog about the latest in natural beauty, style and wellness. Ideas, inspiration and tools are provided to live a beautiful, healthy life.


If you are looking for alternative, natural ways for DIY Beauty products and healthy recipes then Hello Glow has you covered. The photography is beautiful and the ideas shared are doable.

Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Kids Craft Room By Emma Smith


Emma started her blog to provide lots of great activities for kids. Emma is the teacher, mum and crafter. She shares easy kids crafts and play ideas to inspire imagination, creativity, learning and fun.


I love to find fun crafting projects for kids, that inspire their imagination and creativity. Emma’s projects are easy to do and fun for the whole family.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

A Spoonful Of Sugar by Lisa and Sarah Cox


Lisa and Sarah are a mother and daughter team from Perth, Australia. They share creative projects, original tutorials, and delicious recipes. A variety of crafts are covered -including sewing, quilting, stitchery, paper crafts, crochet, knitting and more.


A Spoonful Of Sugar has some wonderful craft projects to try. The photos are beautiful to look at and I particularly love the sewing patterns Lisa shares.

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook

Red Ted Art by Maggy Woodley


Red Ted Art is all about inspiring you to have a go and be Crafty. Trying out something new and have the opportunity to be creative with your kids. Maggy and her family particularly enjoy seasonal decor and love themed holiday projects such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter and more.


The crafty ideas provided on Red Ted Art are fabulous for kids. There are easy to do kids craft that the whole family can get involved with. The holiday themed projects for Halloween and Christmas are such fun!

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

House Wren Studio by Charlotte Lyons

Charlotte Lyons is an author, teacher, and artist based in southwestern Vermont. House Wren Studio is her creative home and a resource for makers and crafters around the world.

Pinterest | Instagram

Blue Roof Designs by Elissa Campbell


Elissa’s studio in beautiful Montpelier, Vermont you will find her working with handmade papers from around the world, satin and brocade cloths, leather, and silky ribbons. She strives to create books that maintain the beauty and integrity of the materials she works with.


Paper making and book binding is a craft all of its own. Elissa’s work: Art of The Fold is amazing!

Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook


I love reading your favorites and checking out new crafts blogs I didn’t know about. It’s been hard to add their details and not get distracted for an hour or two 🙂 Thanks again to everyone who contributed.


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    • Hi Melissa 🙂 Thanks again. I have added A Beautiful Mess to our list. Thank you for your suggestion 🙂
      Cheers Jodie

  3. I absolutely love House Of Earnest for the amazing inspiration. erin’s blog is perfect for inspiring, she’s the reason I got back into craft. You have to include her.

    • Hi Grace. Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us your fave blogger. So good Erin has inspired you to get back into craft. I will now add her blog to this list. Cheers

  4. I have so many favourites! Pillar Box Blue and Vicky Myers creations for their great upcycles and use of denim. White House crafts for her beautiful and colourful papercrafts. AnneMarie’s Haak Blog is one of my favourite crochet sites as is the amazing Moogly and of course the brilliant Attic 24.
    Is it very rude to nominate my own too?!! (Sum of their Stories)

    • Hi Julie 🙂 Thanks so much for your suggestions to make this list even better! I’m off to take a look now at all the crafty goodness. Cheers Jodie 🙂

  5. What a list! I will for sure come back to explore! Very exciting!
    My faves are most certainly Red Ted Art and Kids Craft Room for the younger generation, Skip to my Lou and Crafts on Sea for the younger and a bit older folks. But hey, I also love Mer Mag and mini eco! And I need to explore all the others! They surely are just as amazing! All winners! ^_^

    • Thanks so much for sharing your faves Manja and for making this list even better. Enjoy finding new inspiration 🙂 Cheers Jodie

  6. Wow, what an impressive list! I am discovering new craft blogs that I have never heard of before reading this article. I am definitely bookmarking this post so I can refer to it often.
    Thank you for putting this together, it is truly appreciated!


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