Top 100 Drawing Blogs, Drawing Websites, Sketching Blogs, & Best Drawing Bloggers

Drawing is a creative and enjoyable hobby. However, its, it’s easy to run out of ideas! That’s why I did a Top 100 Drawing Bloggers post.

Top 100 Drawing Blogs

We are celebrating those fantastic and hard working Drawing bloggers that give us so much inspiration and joy and help us further our artistic pursuits. Thanks again to everyone who given their suggestions, we appreciate it! Show your support for all these fantastic, hard-working Drawing Bloggers.

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Best Sketching Blogs

Seeing Thinking Drawing By Frank Ching

Seeing Thinking Drawing By Frank Ching

About Seeing Thinking Drawing: Frank Ching is an Asian-American professional artist, who was born and raised in Hawaii. Frank only began drawing later in life. He worked in the military, and in Architecture before he finally turned to drawing and began teaching at Ohio University in 1972. He is now retired, but continues to draw, write and does the occasional drawing workshop. On his blog, he shares his thoughts and musings, as well as his latest sketches.

What He Specializes In: Frank specializes in sketching, usually with fountain pens. As he worked in Architecture for many years and did a degree in Architecture at university, it would make sense his preferred subjects are buildings and urban landscapes.

Seeing Thinking Drawing

What We Love: Frank is an excellent artist, he is talented when it comes to making sketches with perspective, and his drawings never seem flat, they have depth. His style is distinctive, and his writing makes for a good read. As well as sharing his sketches, he often shares tips on how to sketch buildings, making the designs seem three-dimensional, and tricks on perspective. These may be beneficial to put to use in your drawings.

Mostly Drawing By Ed


About Mostly Drawing: Ed is a photographer who lives in his hometown of Bath, The UK. He has been a photographer for many years. In March 2011, Ed started sketching and has immensely enjoyed it ever since. He often participates in drawing challenges and aspires to share a few sketches a week on his website. On his blog, Ed shares his drawings and sketches, his thoughts on his art, and music and books he enjoys.

What He Specializes In: Ed loves to sketch, doing it as often as he can. He draws and adds details with pen, specifically a bamboo dip pen. Ed then finishes it off with watercolor wash. He mostly focuses on color sketches, but sometimes does black and white. Ed’s subjects of choice are urban life, cafe scenes, people in various situations, as well as inanimate objects, and portraits.


What We Love: Ed’s drawings subjects are vast and varied, and he is excellent at whatever he decides to sketch. His thoughts on his art are interesting to read, and the fact that he often links to a song that goes well with the piece of art makes for an entertaining viewing experience. He frequently posts, which is excellent, as there is more of his fantastic art to view.

Liz Steel By Liz Steel

Liz-Steel-By-Liz-Steel Drawing Blogger

About Liz Steel: Liz Steel is an Australia artist and architect, based in Sydney. A friend introduced her to sketching by giving her a sketchbook as a gift, and she has been hooked on sketching and painting ever since. She loves to travel and has done so overseas extensively, capturing the world and her life around her as she goes. On her blog, she shares news and stories of her latest escapades while traveling, and of course, her most recent sketches, drawings, and paintings.

What She Specializes In: Liz specializes in sketching with ink, and going over it with wash. While that is the primary medium she focuses on, Liz says she likes to experiment with mixed media. These include watercolor, watercolor pencils, pen, and pencil. Her favorite things to sketch are local tearooms, Renaissance/Baroque architecture, and urban spaces. But really, Liz says she likes to sketch anything that catches her eye!

Liz Steel Drawing Blogger

What We Love: Liz puts time and effort into her blog posts, and they make for an engaging and entertaining read. Her sketches capture urban life in beautiful detail, and we love the way she utilizes watercolor wash in some of her pieces. Her website is a pleasure to view, and the fact that she offers workshops, online classes and the occasional tip on art, is a bonus.

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Citizen Sketcher By Marc Taro Holmes


About Citizen Sketcher: Marc Taro Holmes is an American artist, who had a career spanning 15+ years as an art director and concept artist for various corporations. He’s a game designer, having worked on many video games, and of course, a sketcher. Marc has sketched for many years and has published a book on the subject, as well as creating several online classes. On his blog, he shares his latest drawings and sketches.

What He Specializes In: Marc is primarily a sketcher, and he uses pencil and pen, and goes over it with a watercolor wash, or a particular process he called “tinting.” He also does rough sketches in pencil and pen, with no wash. Marc’s subjects of choice are often buildings and urban spaces, but sometimes vehicles, artifact, and portraits. So basically, he’s an all-rounder!


What We Love: He is a skilled sketcher, often even the sketches he does in a small amount of time look fantastic! In his blog posts, he explains the process of making his art. He also has several instructional courses on his website, worth a look. (This site is no longer active, but all the great content is still available.

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Sketch Away By Suhita

About Sketch Away: Suhita is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer, who loves to sketch. She loves to go on sketch crawls, draw the world around her, share what she knows, and take photos. On her blog, she shares her news, her latest sketches, and photos she has taken from around where she lives.

What She Specializes In: The mediums Suhita uses to create her drawings are ink and pen, and then she goes over them with wash. Suhita specializes in sketches of urban life and things in the urban landscape, such as signs and buildings. She also likes to draw people, the human figure, and people going about their daily lives.

Sketch-Away Drawing Blog

What We Love: Suhita posts quite frequently, and all her posts make for a good read. Her sketches have a rough, edgy design that we love, and she puts a lot of effort into her drawings.

James Richards Sketchbook By James Richards

About James Richards Sketchbook: James Richards is a professional artist from the USA who loves to sketch. He is published author, having written several of them, and he often runs workshops on sketching and drawing. He has been sketching for several years. James is an urban and concept designer by trade. On his blog, he shares news, his latest drawings, some photography and helpful tips and tricks.

What They Specialize In: James is sketcher, so it would make sense that his main medium is sketching. To draw his creations, he uses ink and pen and goes over it with a watercolor wash. He specializes in urban spaces, capturing the essence of human life and activity, in a rainbow of color. He takes pleasure in drawing urban scenes all across the globe, the more full of life, the better.


What We Love: James has a great blog going on there, with many interesting things to read. His art is excellent, capturing human activity in urban spaces in a riot of color. His work is a pleasure to look at. James sometimes posts helpful tips and tricks, as well as explaining his art processes. James also offers online sketching classes, so they’d be well worth a look!

Hudson Rio Design By Hudson Rio

Hudson Rio

About Hudson Rio Design: Hudson Rio is a professional graphic designer, illustrator, and 3D prototyper. He has been in the profession for many years. He’s done all sorts of work for all kinds of clients, from Autodesk to Hallmark Cards. When he has some spare time, he loves to sketch and discuss his art successes and failures on his blog.

What He Specializes In: As mentioned above, Hudson has had countless experience in the world of digital and 3D art. It would make sense that he focuses primarily on those mediums. He enjoys sketching, both digitally, and traditionally. Most of the subjects of his drawings are designs and sketches of human-made objects.

Hudson Rio

What We Love: His website has a beautiful minimalist and clean theme. It fits in with his ethos and career choice. His sketches and creations are incredible, detailed and always well designed. He seems to put much thought into his work. On his Instagram, he frequently uploads. Usually the latest amazing project he is working on.

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D.Katie Powell Art By Katie Powell

D Katie Powell

About D.Katie Powell Art: Katie Powell is an artist and photographer from the United States. She loves art, photography, and nature, and capturing the later with both mediums. One of her favorite parts of art is sketching and capturing the real world as she sees it.

What She Specializes In: The primary focus of her blog is chronicling her journey of making art journals. Which she carries with her everywhere. Katie is adept at many mediums, some of which are watercolor, graphite, pen, and ink.

D Katie Powell Art

What We Love: Katie is a masterful artist, careful and controlled in her work, and the results are stunning. She has mastery over several mediums, and her posts are always a feast for the eyes. (Note: Katie Powell has recently moved sites, to from The new site is still under construction, and the older one has all her older, great content on it, so worth a look.)

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The Edinburgh Sketcher By Mark Kirkham


About The Edinburgh Sketcher: The Edinburgh Sketcher is well known throughout the city of Edinburgh, Scotland and surrounds. He’s a local hero of sorts. The Edinburgh Sketcher has lived in the town for many years. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago that he found an interest in drawing, and he hasn’t stopped since. He loves to sketch, and his favorite subject, is, of course, his beloved town.

What She Specializes In: As made clear in the title, he focuses on Sketching, as that is his pride and joy. He uses many mediums to sketch with but prefers to use pen, ink and graphite pencils. As color plays an essential role in his artwork, he uses watercolor and washes for that aspect. The Edinburgh Sketcher draws all sorts of urban scenes.


What We Love: The scenes he makes capture the hustle and bustle of city life perfectly. He does this with detail, care and a great love of what he does. He’s also involved in his local community.

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Kuitsuku’s Sketch Blog by Krista (Nicholson) Staggs

Kuitsuku Drawing Blog by Krista Nicholson Staggs

Krista (Nicholson) Staggs is an avid artist and fan. It would make sense that she combines her two greatest loves. She loves to use many mediums. Krista is passionate about art and helping other people achieve their full artistic potential.


What She Specializes In: She is a digital artist by trade, and she does all sorts of creations with that, but predominantly sketches. She sometimes uses traditional mediums, usually pencil and ink. Krista loves to draw animals.

What We Love: Her drawings are whimsical and playful. Krista has had years of practice, and is excellent at what she does. She also has a beautiful cartoon style, and she talks about all sorts of interesting things.

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Sketch Blog Of Joseph Fells by Joseph Fells


About Sketchblog Of Joseph Fells: Joseph Fells is a professional artist and digital illustrator who lives in the UK. He has been an artist for many years. Joseph has worked on many projects and commissions throughout his career. He created his sketch blog to post sketches and personal commissions. Also to challenge himself to keep practicing his craft. He publishes his professional work on his portfolio,

What They Specialize In: A mixed bag, Joseph is incredibly talented, he can use all sorts of mediums and uses them well. For commissions, he tends to focus on digital art. But he uses traditional mediums for many projects. Such as pencil, markers, and ink.


What We Love: Joseph has a grasp of many different mediums, but also many subjects too! He posts frequently, and it is always amazing, good quality content to look forward to.

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Sketching Journey by Errol Hugh


About Sketching Journey: Errol Hugh is a Jamaican-born artist who used to live in Hong Kong. He spent many years back and forth between Hong Kong and Canada before finally staying there. He has a degree in architecture, and that is what began his interest in sketching. Now he spends most of his days doing what he loves most, sketching.

What They Specialize In:
Errol has a background in architecture and worked in the field for most of his career. Most of his drawings and sketches take inspiration from that. In his sketches, something that is an important aspect is depth and perspective. He uses pen, ink and watercolor wash.

What We Love: An excellent artist, Errol Hugh has spent years practicing his craft. The dedication has paid off, as he does a fantastic job with each piece he creates. He has a profound, philosophical way of writing, that makes for a fascinating read.

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RPG Blues Sketches by Peter Delgado Jr.

RPGBluesguy RPGBluesGuy Sketches

About Peter Delagdo Jr. Sketchbook: Peter Delagdo Jr. is cartoonist and illustrator who has worked for all sorts of clients throughout the course of his career. He loves to make cartoons and comic strips while poking gentle fun at society and culture in the process. He posts all sorts of art pieces on his sketch blog.


What We Love: He predominately draws cartoons and comic strips. He uses quite a few mediums to do this, both digital and traditional. He has a gentle, fun sense of humor, and that shows up in drawing he makes. Peter also has a great art style, that suits what he draws perfectly.

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Sketching The Place by Arnaud De Meyer

Arnaud De Meyer is a sketcher and artist who is an architect by trade. He’s based in Luxembourg.

Sketching The Place

What We Love: As you could probably tell, by the website name, Arnaud De Meyer’s site focuses on sketching real-life scenes. He uses ink, pen and graphite pencil, and occasionally color to bring his drawings to life. Arnaud puts lots of detail and care into his sketches, each piece turning out incredibly well. He tends to do long, landscape sketches, and they fit his style very well.

Skellington Art Sarah Therese Kellington


Sarah Kellington is a graphic designer and artist with over ten years of experience who tackles the big strategic picture while still keeping track of details. Her portfolio includes large document design, vehicle wraps, branding, and event publicity.


What We Love: Being a graphic designer and artist with years of experience. Sarah’s portfolio features works with brands, designs of documents and she has recently published a book of her ‘Inktober’ prompted illustrations called Mousie and Chicken. The use of simple drawing tools created a very distinct style. Sarah’s other work is very interesting and she clearly has a wide range of artistic talents.

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Rob Sketcherman By Rob Sketcherman


Rob Sketcherman is a Hong Kong artist who uses an iPad Pro exclusively to create urban sketching works. Through direct observation, he records life around him

What he Specializes In: His preferred medium is an Ipad Pro, using the app Procreate and sketches anything he sees around him. Whether it’s a building about to be demolished, or a festival in full swing. The results are works full of life, approachable and many can appreciate what he has sketched.


What We Love: Rob Sketcherman’s art is fabulous! The skill and knowledge he has about Urban Sketching has led to him giving lectures, workshops and presentations around the world. The exclusive digital medium is interesting in itself and his love of comics as a child certainly shines through many of his works.

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Drawing Perspectives By Stephanie Bower

Stephanine Bower From Drawing Perspectives

Stephanie Bower is an architect and architectural illustrator by trade. She’s also a sketcher and artist, who runs workshops on both subjects. Stephanie is quite well known in both fields, having won several awards.

What She Specializes In: Belonging to the organization Urban Sketchers, it would make sense that she focuses on sketching. Stephanie prefers architecture and urban scenes as subjects of drawing. She uses ink, graphite, and pencil to make her creations.

Drawing Perspectives

What We Love: Her art is incredible, such accuracy when she sketches buildings. She provides quite a few helpful tips and tutorials. Something that stands out is she gives step by step processes of her work. It provides an insight into how she draws, and you may learn something from it too.

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Drawings from the Road to Rome By Fred Lynch

Fred Lynch From Drawings from the Road to Rome

Fred Lynch is a professor of Illustration at (RISD) the Rhode Island School of Design. His teaching blog features observations, inspiration, and lessons about Illustration Art.

What He Specializes In: Fred’s focus is drawing and mostly on buildings from the research he has done about his ancestry. The information he shares on his teaching blog is fascinating, often making comparisons on the differences between mediums ofthe art of the present day and the past.

Drawings From The Road To Rome by Fred Lynch

What We Love: Fred’s teaching blog covers really interesting topics. His drawing of urban life and buildings in the United States and Italy are wonderful. Lots to be learnt here.

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Gau’s Drawing Blog By Gutam Rangan 

Gautam Rangan From Gaus Drawing Blog

Gautam Rangan has a BA in Art History and Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley and an M.F.A. from the UCLA department of Design Media Arts. In the past he created animations for 11 different faculty in the sciences at UC Berkeley and the Discovery Science Channel.

What He Specializes In: Gautam’s media covers many different areas. In 2018 he was trying watercolor illustrations for a children’s book. The topics of his Art cover myths and oral history of Hindu culture.

Gaus Drawing Blog

What We Love: The is a wide range of art methods covered in Gau’s blog. There are articles that explain his process behind his studies which are very interesting.

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Drawing From An Uncomfortable Position By Isobel Williams

Isobel Williams From Drawing From An Uncomfortable Position

Isobel Williams is an artist and writer from the UK. She writes and illustrates books for kids. They explain concepts in society and culture in a fun and easy-to-understand way. For example, The Supreme Court: A Guide For Bears. She publishes sketches and thoughts on a variety of subjects on her blog.

What She Specializes In: Isobel tends to use pen and ink for her sketches, and personal projects. When she illustrates her books, she uses a mixture of pen, ink, and watercolor. The combination she uses, along with her art style, makes for excellent illustrations.

Drawing From An Uncomfortable Position

What We Love: Along with her sketches, she publishes all sorts of interesting blog posts. There are all sorts of things she talks about. From goings on in the supreme court to drawings and musings on musicians. She has an engaging, honest style of writing.

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Drawing Blog by Garry Barker By Garry Barker

Garry Barker From Drawing Blog

Garry Barker is an artist and teacher who draws narratives about the fact he finds the world he lives in a very strange place. Garry’s blog is designed to help students think about how to contextualize drawing within a Fine Art practice.

Drawing Blog By Garry Baker

What We Love: There is 5 years worth of content on Garry’s blog. Garry writes beautifully. The topics covered would interest many students dedicated to Fine Art.

Best Watercolor Drawing Blogs

Watercolor Sketching By Anne-Laure

Anne-Laure Watercoloring

Anne-Laure is a french watercolor artist and sketcher who lives in Brittany, France. Before being introduced to the world of sketching, she was, and still is, an avid photographer. Anne-Laure started sketching with watercolor around two years ago and hasn’t stopped since. On her blog, she likes to share her latest video tutorials, thoughts, news, and of course, her newest creations.

What She Specializes In: As the name of her blog suggests, Anne-Laure focuses on the medium of watercolor drawing and sketching. She loves to use watercolor, as she says it helps her explore colors, shapes, and textures, as well as ways to see them differently. Sketching, on the other hand, is all about composition and contrast. Anne-Laure finds the two work together really well. The subjects she loves to draw are, homes and interiors, landscapes, and everyday urban life, among other things.


What We Love: Anne-Laure’s blog is clean and bright, making for an easy and pleasurable reading experience. Her watercolor art is exquisite. She puts a lot of effort in. We particularly love her use of color; her sketches are so colorful! On her youtube channel, she shares helpful tutorials and other videos that are well worth a look.

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A Sketch In Time By Cathy Gatland

Cathy Gatland From A Sketch In Time

Cathy Gatland is an urban sketcher and artist who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. An artist who is interested in all sorts of mediums, you can expect all kinds of creations to be found on her blog. She loves to share her latest drawing from her travel journal.

What She Specializes In: Adept in all sorts of mediums, Cathy loves painting as much as drawing and sketching. Art is one of her main passions, and she has mastery over several mediums. She likes to use watercolor, pencil and sometimes ink.

A Sketch In Time

What We Love: Her art has a beautiful, layered texture to it, giving it a lot of depth and dimension. She always has something interesting to say, making her blog posts well worth the read.

Robert Martel By Robert Martel


Robert is a Halifax-based Nova Scotia artist who focuses on subject matter that inspires and moves him. Robert’s pencil drawings and watercolour paintings are produced with methodical expertise and time. His ink drawings use a quicker and with no intention to fix and errant pencil line giving rewarding results.


What We Love: The subjects that fascinate Robert and his depictions of Novia Scotia in watercolor are worth a look.

Curtis Tappenden By Curtis Tappenden

Curtis Tappenden

Curtis is an author & illustrator who has for the past 28 years been drawing for magazines, books, advertising, newspapers & packaging. The main focus of Curtis’ blog are his watercolor paintings. Featuring images from nature, his travels and the world around him. His blog also features his illustrations and writing.

Curtis Tappenden

What We Love: If you are looking for watercolor inspiration then Curtis’ paintings cover many subjects are they are vivid.

Best Black and White/Graphite Pencil Blogs

Duey’s Drawings By Brian Duey


Brian Duey is a self-taught artist who lives in a small town called Howard City, in the USA. He has many years of experience in drawing with pencils and likes to share his drawings on his website. He primarily blogs about his pictures, but he has a selection of sketching and drawing with pencil tutorials.

What He Specializes In: Brian focuses mainly on the medium of pencil drawing and sketching. He prefers drawing with Graphite pencils, and most of his drawings are done in black and white. The subjects of his drawings mainly focus on realism portraits of people, but occasionally he does pictures of household pets.


What We Love: Brian is an excellent artist, and his drawings are incredibly realistic and detailed. Sometimes it looks like the people are going to burst into life! His drawings are inspiring.

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Diane Wright Fine Art By Diane Wright


Diane Wright is an American artist who has been drawing for many years. She is a hobbyist, drawing in her free time and she says how much she loves the activity. On her website, she shares all of her beautiful drawings. Diane also has a collection of helpful tutorials, focusing on how to drawing things of nature, such as plants, rocks, and trees, as well as Landscapes in general.

What She Specializes In: Diane specializes in graphite, black and white drawings. Although she has experimented with color mediums, she says she prefers using graphite pencils. Her drawing subjects are usually farming buildings, such as barns and sheds, drawn in exquisite detail. The countryside where she lives is riddled with this kind of structures, so they provide the inspirations. Diane also loves landscapes.


What We Love: We love her landscape drawings, beautiful and captured in incredible detail. Her tutorials are clear and well-explained, and invaluable if you are looking to hone your landscape drawing skills.

Carol’s Drawing Blog By Carol Rosinski


Carol Rosinski is an artist and former sculptor and jeweler. She was a sculptor and worked in jewelry for several years, but in 1990 she was drawn to drawing, (if you’ll pardon the pun 🙂 ), and she’s never looked back since. On her blog, Carol shares her drawings and sketches, techniques, tips and tricks, as well as tutorials and recommendations on equipment.

What She Specializes In: Carol focuses on and uses one medium only: graphite pencils. She says they are her favorite medium, but they do have their limitations. Graphite pencils only come in black and white. However, Carol says it is worth the limitation, as she has to experiment and come up with ways to get around it, so she is always challenged.

What We Love: Her blog is filled with helpful tips and tutorials, which are clear and easy-to-understand. Her drawing is excellent and full of details, which are a pleasure to view.

Best General Drawing Blogs

Mike Theuer By Mike Theuer


Mike Theuer is a full-time American professional artist, who has much experience from all his time spent drawing. He lives in Pennsylvania, and when he’s not drawing or painting, he’s looking after the house and his three boys. Mark shares a few of his drawings on his website, and you can order portraits and paintings from him. He also shares a few video tutorials about his drawing and watercolor process, and also brush and pencil techniques.

What He Specializes In: Mike is a full-time Portrait artist, and his preferred mediums are graphite pencils, and watercolor. He also uses oils and colored pencils. He does commissions for people, usually by where he takes a photo they have sent and uses it as a reference to create pictures for them.

Mike-Theuer Drawing Blog

What We Love: We love how he makes use of both pencil and watercolor, and the fact that his art is stunning. The video tutorials on brush and pencil techniques are helpful.

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Yimmaukan By Yim Mau-Kun


Yim Mau-Kun is a professional Chinese artist who now lives in Taiwan, and has many years of experience. He finds real-life inspiring and prides himself on using the world as his references. He has a unique, incredibly detailed style, and enjoys painting, sketching and drawing.

Yim mainly focuses on painting with oils, but being the skilled artist he is, he has branched out to sketching and drawing, mostly with graphite pencils. His preferred subjects are people, whether it’s sketching, drawing or painting them. He often does portraits, and full body drawings, as well as scenes from everyday life.


What We Love: He is a very talented artist! He has mastered all the mediums that he uses. Yim’s tips on drawing with charcoal are detailed and useful, for everyone, regardless of experience level. His portraits capture the human likeness in exquisite detail, that can only come from endless practice and experience.

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Drawing The Motmot By Debby Kaspari

Drawing The Motmot By Debby Kaspari

Debby Kaspari is an American artist who lives in Oklahoma with her husband. She loves living in Oklahoma, because the wildlife there is plentiful, which means she never runs out of things to draw. Debby says she her hobbies are traveling the world, sketchbook, and binoculars in hand, using those tools to capture the natural world around her. On her blog, she shares her sketches and paintings, her observations on nature, facts and other information on the animals she draws, and art news.

What She Specializes In: Debby uses two main mediums, drawing, and painting. For drawing, she uses pastel, graphite pencil, ink, and pen. With painting, Debby uses pastel and oils. Her subject of focus is the natural world. To be more specific, she draws landscapes, plants, close-up scenes of forest foliage, birds, and other animals.


What We Love: Her blog is clean and straightforward, which makes for easy reading, and she has shared many of her works. Debby expertly captures animals in their daily lives, which makes for some fantastic drawings. The way she includes information on the subjects she draws is excellent, as you can view some beautiful art, and learn something too.

Junkyard Sam By Junkyard Sam


Junkyard Sam is a professional designer and illustrator who is based in Seattle. He does many whimsical, incredible illustrations, and very much enjoys what he does.

What He Specializes In: He sticks to traditional art, and is well versed and can use many mediums very well. Sam uses a variety of mediums, but he tends to use markers, ink, watercolour and pen


What We Love: His drawings and sketches are incredible, whimsical with lots of meaning and depth. He uses many colors and uses them very well. All his artworks are amazing.

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Dufala Brothers By Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala

Steven and Billy Blaise Dufala are a creative duo, both accomplished sculptors, drawers, and creatives. They are also brothers, hence the name of their site. All sorts of mediums! They are artists, but also sculptors, both in physical creations and 3D software. When drawing, they use pen, ink and graphite pencil.

Dufala Brothers

What We Love: They’ve very talented, and they create unique and interesting art. (Note: They don’t post too frequently, but their art is amazing and should be a plentiful source of inspiration.)

Made by Luis By Luís Moreira

Luís Moreira From Made By Luis

Luís Moreira is an Illustrator, Designer & Cartoonist from Portugal. He has been an artist for as long as he can remember and loves everything about his work. He has a degree in multimedia communication technologies. Luis challenges himself to draw a daily sketch.

What He Specializes In: If there ever was an artist who has mastery over all sorts of mediums, Luís Moreira is probably the one. He makes both digital and traditional media. Luis uses a variety of techniques and materials. He does all sorts of art, from comic strips and illustrations to sketches and storyboards.


What We Love: The tagline for his website is Life Within Each Line. That certainly rings true, with care and detail put into every line he makes. Luis’s drawings are fabulous with a unique cartoon style.


Peter Litster By Peter Litster


Peter Litster is an artist and illustrator who lives in Portland, Oregon. He’s been interested in art ever since he was a kid. In his teens, he went to an art school, and that caused his interest to become a career choice.

What He Specializes In: Peter likes to sketch and illustrate all sorts of subjects, from abstract art to cartoons. He loves to draw with traditional media but sometimes uses digital programs. He’s mastered the art of drawing people in all sorts of styles.


What We Love: His art has a retro, throwback style that looks great. Peter makes illustrations that have class and flair. He also publishes a webcomic, called Margot. Which can be found here:

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Drawn Out Days By Barbara Malley


Barbara Malley is an artist from the United States and is based out of Southern California. In her spare time, she loves to watch movies and read comic books.

What She Specializes In: Barbara tends to focus on traditional drawing, using her favorite mediums. An excellent artist, good at drawing anything she tries her hand at. She mostly uses pen, ink, and markers to create her illustrations.


What We Love: She draws a lot of geometric patterns and animals. All her sketches are detailed and well crafted. Barbara’s website doesn’t seem to be active anymore, and there doesn’t seem to be an explanation why. However, her drawings are fantastic. So still well worth the look.

Marialoor By Maria Loor


Maria Loor is an Ecuadorian visual artist, graphic designer, and illustrator. She lives in Miami. Her work has been celebrated. Being featured in all sorts of exhibitions and design journals. She’s also won several awards. Maria has a very diverse skill set, something that translates to everything she does.

What She Specializes In: She has an incredibly diverse and varied skillset! She does all sorts of creative art projects. Some mediums that she uses include pencil, pen and ink, digital and markers.


What We Love: Her style is whimsical and beautiful. A masterful artist, Maria Loor puts soul and deep meaning into everything she creates.

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Annelouise Mahoney By Annelouise Mahoney


About Annelouise Mahoney : Annelouise adore stories, her passion is children’s books, having studied children’s picture book illustration at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts. Before becoming an author/illustrator, she worked in T.V animation painting backgrounds for large studios. She has also had experience in painting comic color guides for well known Comic brands.

What She Specializes In: The main focus of Annelouise’s superb art are illustrations for children’s books. The illustrations from her sketchbook feature artworks with pencil and ink. She also has digital illustrations and watercolor.

Annelouise Mahoney

What We Love: The illustrations on this site are gorgeous and would appeal to anyone who loves the magic of children’s books. Annelouise’s animal characters just want to make you reach in an cuddle them 🙂

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Shadowblaze By Mark & Mary Willenbrink

Mark and Mary Willenbrink from Shadow Blaze

About Shadowblaze: Mary and Mark Willenbrink have been working together for many years and have published a series of books of Absolute Beginner Art Instruction. In their books, they share the fundamentals of art, in a way that is easy to understand.

What They Specialize In: With their collective knowledge of the fundamentals of art, their book series covers a wide range of topics. Their two books on Perspective and drawing will be of interest to most.


What We Love: There is a small collection of Mark and Mary’s artworks on their website. The content that would be of great value to any beginner drawer/artist would be found in their book series.

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Marcos Mateu-Mestre By Marcos Mateu-Mestre

Marcus Meteu-Mestre From Marcus Meteu-Mestre

About Marcos Mateu-Mestre: Marcos Mateu-Mestre was born in Palma de Mallorca. He is an artist and llustrator.  He has been working in animation since 1991. Marcos is the author of “Framed Ink, Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers”, “Framed Perspective Vols. 1 & 2.

What He Specializes In: Marcos is currently is Visual Development for DWA. Although he is no longer active on his blog, he can be found regularly on Instagram and Facebook. His social media channels feature his incredible graphic novel art.

Marcos Mateu-Mestre

What We Love: The detail of his drawings from his graphic novels are amazing. If you are active on Instagram, there is plenty of inspiration on his instafeed.

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Steve Hustson By Steve Hustson

Steve Huston From Steve Huston Artwork

About Steve Hustson: Steve Huston was born and raised in Alaska. He studied at Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design. He worked commercially, then he began teaching life drawing and painting, composition and anatomy. He has exhibited his works widely.

What He Specializes In: Steve’s site features many of his artworks. Painting, drawing and sketches of the human form as the subject of his art.

Steve Huston Artwork

What We Love: To draw and paint the human figure is possibly one of the hardest things to do. Steve’s drawings show his adeptness in this field and provides the viewer with great inspiration.

Drawing A Fine Line By Paula Pertile

Paula Pertile From Drawing A Fine Line

About Drawing A Fine Line: Paula Pertile is an illustrator and fine artist.

What She Specializes In: Paula has drawn food, cats in clothes, knitting, architecture, and children’s books. She has also do custom portraits of buildings and animals.

Drawing a Fine Line

What We Love: Although Paula does not seem to be active anymore, reading her posts, sadly her health has declined in recent years. The images of her pencil drawings will provide inspiration to budding artists.

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Best Inspirational Artists To Follow On Instagram

Instagram. It’s one of the largest and most popular social media platforms; it’s size only rivaled by Facebook and Twitter. It can be used for many different purposes, and the amount of content on there is staggering.

We don’t know much about you, but sometimes the feed can get very dull. Endless squishy-face selfies, food photos, and viral images of cats doing pretty anything.

Ridiculous, and not worth your time at all, wouldn’t you agree? Well, we’ve come up with an ingenious solution that will make your Instagram feed worth looking at.

How? Fill it to the brim with Inspirational Artists, of course!

We’ve searched high and low and asked our lovely readers for their suggestions. We combined the two, to create this list. There are some fantastic and talented creators on Instagram, show them some support.

Best Sketching Artists

Yamini Mohan | @yaminivbn
Yamini Mohan is an artist and illustrator from India. She usually sketches but does some drawing and painting on the side too. She draws whatever comes to mind, whether it be people or ravens. Her art is beautiful and very detailed.

Luke Adam Hawker | @lukeadamhawker

Luke Adam Hawker is a London-based sketcher and illustrator, whose sketches are very popular. He specializes in drawing buildings and urban spaces, and he is one skilled artist! His drawings of buildings are detailed, and a lot of effort goes into them.

Luke has a website, where he shares more of his designs, and where he has prints for sale.


Sam Gillett | @samgillettillustrations

Sam is a freelance Illustrator who shares his black and white pen drawings featuring different building, landscapes and objects. He is from Halifax CA. He has an Etsy shop with his Illustrations, Fantasy art prints, Cards, Custom Design.

Best Watercolor Drawing Artists

Anne-Laure Jacquart | @annelaurewatercolor

Anne-Laure Jacquart is a french watercolor artist and sketcher, who specializes in sketches gone over with watercolor wash.

Rayza Vasque | @rayzapv

Rayza Vasque loves to draw, perhaps as much as she loves doing yoga. She specializes in watercolor, and we have to say, every one she turns out is amazing! She mostly draws beautiful landscapes and scenes of nature.


Luqman Reza Mulyono | @jongkie

Luqman Reza Mulyono is an Indonesian Watercolor artist who’s superb art covers mythical characters, animals and zodiac signs.


Jessica Janik | @jj_illus

Jessica is a creator of watercolour paintings and illustrations based in Dresden, Germany.

Polina Bright |

Drawing has been a passion of Polina’s for a big part of her life. Polina Bright Art to share her creations with the others. Flowers and Animals are her main sources of inspiration.


Sanj | @sanjsketches

Sanj is a fantastic Urban Sketcher who sketches and creates watercolors of the world around her. Buildings, Streetscapes, and even everyday objects.


Christopher Maxwell |@christophermaxwellart

Chris Maxwell is an aspiring and emerging illustrator with a strong passion for children’s picture books, and a desire to create images that tell a story.



Elena Moroz | @ihappygirl

Elena Moroz is an watercolor artist living in Krasnaya Polyana. Her art features incredible floral displays.


Liviing | @liviing

Liviing is a Graphic Designer who specialises in watercolor painting. Much of her art features animals, portraits



The Best Black and White/Graphite Pencil Artists

Joe Richichi | @artworkbyjoe

Joe Richichi is an artist who uses colored and graphite pencils to draw his artwork. He mainly shares colorful, lifelike drawings of all sorts of animals and wildlife. Occasionally, he draws pictures of people and pets.

He shares more designs on his website and is usually available for pet portrait commissions.


The Portrait Drawer| @benyarts

Beny Arts features graphite pencil portraits that capture the mood of the subject in an often very humorous way.



Rich Lauzon | @richtoon

Rich Lauzon is a professional artist who is a full time drawing teacher at a college. He has a fantastic sketchy and cartoon style that perfectly suits his preferred medium, pencils.


Randy C | @itsbirday

Randy C. is a self described “pencil ninja” who’s description fits him perfectly! He’s a professional artist, and is a whiz with pencils, creating some incredible art. He’s known for creating amazing fan art of Pokemon.


Dr Hakan Gürsu | @hakangursudr

Dr. Hakan Gürsu is an industrial designer and sketcher from Germany. His works are incredibly precise, technical and with such detail.


Morgan Davidson | @morgandavidson

Morgan is a Denver based Illustrator whose passion for drawing began at an early age. Her colored pencil drawings often feature nature and fashion with vibrant color and rich detail. Her art is extraordinary!


Best General Drawing Artists


Angie | @fromangiewithlove

Angie is a wildlife artist living and working in Surrey. She has had a lifelong fascination with nature and a strong passion for art. Working with predominantly colored pencil she captures the life and environments of the animals she draws.


David Dias | @daviddias_arts

David is a self taught artist Drawings of movie characters, games and series made with colored pencils!


The Best Ink and Pen Artists

Lily | @lilyszentangle
Lily’s drawings are very detailed; she particularly likes to draw designs on sketchbook covers. Lily specializes in patterns and animals, with colorful signs and motifs. She uses ink and pens to make her beautiful drawings.


Best Drawing With Markers Artists


KiraKira | @kirakiradoodles

“KiraKira” is Japanese for “sparkle” Kira loves to doodle kawaii patterns, full of stars, clouds, cute animals and happiness!


Sibylline Meynet | @sibylline_m
French illustrator/comic artist based in Paris. Her art features fantasy characters from the Zines she creates.


Anna Rastorgueva | @anna.rastorgueva

For more than 5 years Anna has been making illustrations in life-drawing style, co-operating with many different companies, mass-media, private commissions, and various personal projects.


Brooke Hagel | @brooklit

Brooke Hagel is a NYC based Fashion Illustrator whose commercial clients include Burberry, Cartier, Chanel, Gap, Ferragamo and Vogue


Eugenia Clara | @eugeniaclara

A prolific doodler born and raised in a tiny town in Indonesia, Eugenia Clara has a habit of doodling her favourite words about life in wild and extraordinary splashes of colour.


Tino Valentin | @tino_copic

Tino Valentin is a full time marker illustrator and logo maker. He is self taught with a unique style and approach to his art. He has incredible attention to detail and his artworks clearly resonate with his many followers.


Alevakii | @alevakii

Alevakii is an illustrator and is inspired to create zen doodles, mandalas and other works.


Stephen Ward | @stephenward_art
Stephen Ward is an Australian Youtube artist who uses copics to create his amazing drawings.

We’ve featured some of the fantastic artwork these fabulous artists create in our Markers Post.


Elena Motorina | @artvalerim

Elena Motorina is an urban sketcher and self described sakura ambassador


Chihiro Howe Takogawa | @chihirohowe

Chihiro Howe is a Manga artist/illustrator/character designer. Co-creator of iii Academy. Based in Oregon.


Lisa Krasnova | @lisa.krasnova

Lisa Krasnova sketches and draws with markers. Beautiful drawings of flowers, animals, food and lifestyle scenes.

Yui N | @freelanceyui

Yui N is a Japanese artist who specializes in beautiful drawings of people, animals, and creatures of the sea.

Most of her drawings are made using markers, but occasionally she does sketches with pencil.


Gala loves to do watercolor and marker sketching.

She finds inspiration from nature and is keen to keep learning.

@Courtney Kreeber

Courtney is a cardmaker and stamper. Her website has useful tips and guides on different card making and stamping techniques.

Courtney loves using Copic markers in her designs.


Lynn is very passionate about lettering in all it’s colorful glory.

She shares inspirational content on brush lettering techniques and the supplies she uses.

Kelsey | @budz.n.sudz

Kelsey describes herself as “Part-time Freelancer, full-time lover of animation, most of the time artist, all of the time random!” See more of her designs on this website.

Judith |  @artby_judith

Judith Selcuk is a Product demonstrator and trainer. She does portraits, animal art, illustration and is an art teacher.

See more of her fabulous art on her website.


Bridgette Copple loves to color!

Her designs use a variety of different color markers, and she shares her beautiful work regularly.


Liubov Druma is an incredible Russian artist who specializes in pretty, whimsical drawings. She shares lots of tutorials using Copic markers on her youtube channel.

Sachi Rome |  @sachistudioart

Sachi Rome is a Visual artist living and making art in Atlanta. She does commissions, mural art and more. See more of her artwork by visiting her website.


A lover of plants and drawing. Sharing creations based on nature.

Raynbowsend on Instagram


Capturing Candid Coincidences… Creative Collaborations… Convivial Coloring

The Best Drawing Tablet & Digital Artists

Piper Thibodeau | @piperdraws

Piper is a 25-year-old artist, who is a former character designer for Dreamworks TV. She has a personal challenge that has been going for a while, which is called Daily Paint. She has to try and create a drawing every day before midday. Her drawings are great, mostly involving animals and witty puns.

Piper has drawn over 1000 of these daily paintings, which she has compiled into a book, which you can find here.


Rob Sketcherman | @RobSketcherman

Rob Sketcherman is a Hong Kong artist who uses an iPad Pro exclusively to create urban sketching works. Through direct observation, he records life around him.




Bodil Jane | @bodiljane
Bodil Jane is a Dutch professional illustrator who resides in Amsterdam. She creates art that includes themes of feminism, courage and plenty of color and vibrancy.


Helene Baum | @helene.baum
Helene’s drawing inspiration comes from her environment but also mythology, black history, fashion, patterns, ethnic culture, and nature. Her creations are colorful and playful.


Bünyamin Karakoç |
Bünyamin Karakoç is a Turkish painting teacher. His art and sketches are truly inspirational.

Best Drawing Tutorial Websites

The Virtual Instructor Blog


About: Matt Fussell an Artist and art teacher created a website in 2009 that was originally designed to store videos for his students. It has evolved into a membership drawing and painting program that tens of thousands of people have utilized.

What We Love: Virtual Instructor Blog is a super polished site full of inspiration to help become a better drawing artist. It has heaps of interesting and professionally presented tutorials. The site is promoting paid online courses and membership, there is more available if you become a member.

Draw Space


About: Drawspace was launched in 2001 by Jeff Baur and Brenda Hoddinott. It is an online Art Education site.

What We Love: Fifteen percent of the content on Drawspace is free. There are great tutorials and lessons that will help to become a better drawer. For access all the content you do need to pay.

The Best How-To-Draw Websites

How To Draw Cartoons Online By Jeff Scarterfield

How To Draw Cartoons Online By Jeff Scarterfield

About How To Draw Cartoons Online: Jeff Scarterfield is an artist and animator who is keen on drawing cartoons, and loves to introduce others to the world of drawing. He has had an online presence for a while now, over ten years, in fact! He has shared all sorts of tutorials, on all subjects and areas, from clothing to pandas. Jeff is always working to share more how-to-draw procedures with anyone who is interested in learning to draw.

What Areas Of Drawing Subjects It Specializes In: How To Draw Cartoons Online mainly focuses on how-to-draw specific objects and animals, such as cartoon characters and themed drawings. The style of drawing is easy and slightly simplified, making it easy if you are starting out.


Levels Of Experience It Covers: Jeff has divided his tutorials into three categories. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. A quick look through of the site should help you decided which level you are more suited to. The site also has a Tips page, where Jeff has put together a series of helpful drawing tips and tricks.

Koosje Koene By Koosje Koene

Koosje Koene By Koosje Koene

About Koosje Koene: Koosje Koene is a Dutch professional illustrator and former photographer, who was born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She was a photographer for over ten years. But eventually her love for drawing and painting trumped her love for photography, and she became an illustrator. She is passionate about drawing and helping others learn to draw, and she writes very well. She is also the founder of Sketchbook Skool, which is a community of artists learning to draw. Koosje shares all sorts of helpful tutorials, tips, and tricks.

What Media She Specializes In: Koosje is well-versed in quite a few mediums, and these include ballpoint pens, watercolor, and ink. She also does oil painting and digital illustration. In her tutorials, she focuses on traditional drawing methods, using watercolor, ink, ballpoint pens, and occasionally pencil.


Good To Use If Learning About The way Koosje writes is entertaining and easy-to-understand. She shares techniques on how to draw certain things such as faces, food, and beverages, among others. She also has a series of posts called Drawing Tip Tuesday, where, every Tuesday she shares some drawing tips, whether it be on the theory of drawing, or how to keep your pens well-maintained.

Find Koosje Koene On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

The Design Sketchbook By Chou-Tac

Chou-Tac from The Design Sketchbook

About The Design Sketchbook: Chou-Tac is professional designer and artist who has worked for many large companies, designing new products for them. As a child, he was fascinated by animations and wanted to learn more about how they were made. As he grew older, that fascination gave way to interest in drawing and design, which is where he is at today. He has been fortunate in that he realized his passion, so he created The Design Sketchbook, to help others realize their dream.

What Media They Specialize In: The Design Sketchbook specializes in teaching people how to sketch well. Chou-Tac focuses on using pen and pencils to sketch, usually graphite pencils and ballpoint pens.


Good To Use If Learning About: Chou-Tac has created a fantastic resource for budding designers and drawers everywhere, regardless of your skill level. He has several guides and books available to purchase, and his blog is a wealth of information. Chou-Tac has touched on many areas of sketching, such as, how to make things seem three dimensional, drawing buildings and other structures, and tips and tricks on perspective.

Find The Design Sketchbook On Youtube.

The Drawing Website By Luis Escobar

The Drawing Website By Luis Escobar

About The Drawing Website: Luis Escobar is a professional animator and storyboard artist from El Salvador. Currently, he lives in California with his family. He worked as a storyboard artist on the Simpsons Show, as well as other television shows and films. He loves to draw, is passionate about helping others realize their drawing potential.

What Media He Specializes In: Luis primarily uses digital programs to make his art but also uses graphite pencils. He is a cartoonist, but he also draws people and action scenes, and other pieces involving people.


Good To Use If Learning About: He specializes in teaching people how to draw cartoons and people. Also various body parts, stances and more. His tutorials are clear and easy to understand. Luis also offers courses. Very useful if you want to become a cartoonist or comic artist.  Also, use if you want to brush up on your people drawing skills.

Find The Drawing Website On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

Best Sketching Tutorial Websites

Pocket Sketching By Kath Macaulay


About Pocket Sketching: Kath has been teaching her Pocket Sketching TM workshops for 9 years. Her previous work was as an Artist agent and has exhibited her work in many places.

What She Specializes In: Kath trademarked her Pocket Sketching workshops and seminars. The focus of her art is to teach people painting and sketching and that art doesn’t have to take a long time and can be done anywhere.


What We Love: Kath’s method of teaching art has been approachable to many people. The art featured on her site are sketches that then are turned into watercolor paintings. The videos, even though the quality is not so great, have some valuable tips and tricks.

Find Pocket Sketching On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Best Drawing Youtube Channels

Jazza By Josiah Brooks

Draw with Jazza on Youtube Josiah Brooks

Jazza’s Youtube channel is very popular with many artists. His videos are dynamic and full of interesting content. The artistic challenges he sets himself are often ‘way out there’ and totally fun.

What They Specialize In: Jazza shares videos like tutorials, speedpaintings, streams, competitions and more every week. He also does reviews on art tools and products.

Draw With Jazza Youtube Channel

What We Love: Jazza is a dynamo! The amount of content he creates in his home based studio is incredible. Over the years he has featured many different tutorials and covered different mediums.

Twitter | Instagram

Koosje Koene By Koosje Koene

Koosje Koene Profile Pic

About: Koosje helps people who like drawing, to turn their “I can’t do that”-thoughts, into amazing drawings. She teaches, blogs, draws and she helps you with practical tips. Everyone can make awesome art – one line at a time!

What They Specialize In: Koosje shares tutorials every Tuesday called “Draw Tip Tuesday”. In this videos she covers tips and tricks that help you become a more skilled drawer.


What We Love: The drawing tips that Koojse provides are super helpful. The fact that the tutorials come around every Tuesday is vaulable.

Find Koosje Koene On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Baylee Jae By Baylee Jae

Baylee Jae Profile Pic

About: Baylee Jae is a YouTuber and illustrator living in Vancouver, BC. She has a diploma in Animation Art & Design from the Art Institute of Vancouver, and has worked in the animation industry.

What They Specialize In: Baylee Jae makes all kinds of videos related to art, like speedpaints, hauls, product reviews, tutorials, and more


What We Love: Baylee Jae is another very popular artistic Youtuber. Her weekly videos can range from a tutorial to a review, to an art challenge. Baylee Jae’s reviews of art tools and products are always thorough and valuable for helping to make the best choice.

Find Baylee Jae On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

DrawingWiffWaffles By Rin

Drawing Wiff Waffles Profile Pic

About: Rin has been drawing for a number of years and loves sharing what she her drawing creations. Art for her is an escape, and she encourages everyone to draw along with her.

What They Specialize In: Rin’s video tutorials cover all sorts of drawing techniques and uses of different products. There are videos of unboxing of art supplies and the subsequent reviews.


What We Love: Rin’s videos are well produced and easy to watch. Her drawing skills are fab and her tutorials are fun and you will learn valuable techniques to improve your own drawing skills.

Find DrawingWiffWaffles On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

JelArts By Jessie

Jel Arts Profile Pic

About:  Jessie is an artist from Canada and she loves to create illustrations and drawings. She post videos on my YouTube channel on Tuesdays and Fridays, showing her process, tutorials, product reviews, and more art related content.

What They Specialize In: The videos featured on Jel Arts Youtube channel cover drawing techniques, tips and tricks, product reviews and painting techniques.


What We Love: Jessie’s content is easy to follow and her product reviews are worth while. Her sketches are arty and fun.

Find JelArts On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

Kasey Golden By Kasey Golden

Kasey Golden Profile Pic

About: Kasey is an illustrator and artist who works with different mediums. One of her favorites is watercolor paintings.

What They Specialize In: Kasey’s videos cover arts and crafts topics and watercolor painting.


What We Love: Kasey has a fun sense of humor and her art challenges are often quirky. Her tips and tricks and arts and crafts tutorials are good value.

Find Kasey Golden On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |

Jenna Drawing By Jenna

Jenna Drawing Profile Pic

About: Jenna is a young English artist who makes traditional and digital speed drawings along with tutorials and sketchbook tours.

What They Specialize In: The videos Jenna’s Youtube channel cover digital drawing techniques, sketching tips and tricks.


What We Love: The characters Jenna draws for her comic series are amazing. The video tutorials on how she creates them are fascinating and well worth watching.

Find Jenna Drawing On Facebook | Instagram

Pypah’s Art By Filipa Santos

Pypahs Art Profile Pic

About: Filipa (who likes to be called Pypah) is a young artist based in the UK. Her life revolves around drawing and making stuff in general. Her aim is to help others improve or learn something with informative tips!

What They Specialize In: Filipa uses illustrations include pencil drawings and digital drawing using the app Procreate. Her videos often cover other mediums such as oil painting and watercolor painting. There are also some product reviews.


What We Love: The speed drawings using procreate are really interesting to watch. The tutorials Filipa shares are valuable and her sketchbook tours are fab!

Find Pypah’s Art On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube

LavenderTowne By Haley

Lavender Towne Profile Pic

About: Haley draws comics and character designs. Midway through art school she accidentally became a Youtuber! If you like cartoony art and creepy redesigns Haley’s art will intrigue you.

What They Specialize In: The videos that Haley’s videos feature the sketching of cartoon characters using digital mediums.


What We Love: As Haley said, if you love cartoony art and creepy designs, her videos are full of inspiration.

Find LavenderTowne On  Twitter

Danica Sills By Danica Sills

Danica Sills Profile Pic

About:  Danica Sills is an Illustrator. Her art methods are often inspired by songs, the weather or a beautiful color. She is always looking for new and exciting ways to be inspired. She loves creating strong, interesting characters and rich stories through her Illustrations.

What They Specialize In: The tutorials that Danica creates feature her sketching,digital drawing and watercolor painting techniques.


What We Love: Danica’s art is amazing and the characters she creates are beautiful. There is much to learn about lineart from Danica.

Find Danica Sills On  Twitter | Instagram

KelogsLoops By Hieu Nguyen

Kelogsloops Profile Pic

About: Hieu Nguyen is an aspiring artist that has had successful solo shows and collaborations in Melbourne, Australia, where he lives. He shares his art process and the life of an aspiring artist on his Youtube channel.

What They Specialize In: The art featured on Hieu’s Youtube channel Kelogsloops focuses on his sketching and watercolor illustrations.


What We Love: Hieu has a great sense of humor and the videos on how hard life can sometimes be for an artist are honest and real. His art is truly beautiful. His watercolor tutorials are indepth and easy to understand.

Find KelogsLoops On Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

The Average Artist By Steph Seed

The Average Artist Profile Pic

Steph Seed is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and author. She love telling stories and youtube has become another way to tell them! Steph creates a weekly webcomic – The Average. Steph shares videos of her sketchbook tours, creating the webcomic she illustrates and authors plus speed painting and collaborations.


What We Love: Steph’s quirky way of presenting is fun and engaging. She clearly loves her cats and they often feature in her videos. Her art is for her comic series is interesting.

Find The Average Artist On Facebook | Instagram

Ando By Antonia Andros

Ando Arts Tips Profile Pics

About: Antonia is an illustrator from sunny Tucson Arizona. She is the creator of the YouTube Channel “Ando’s Art Tips”. Antonia’s Youtube channels focuses on tips and tricks for illustrating.


What We Love: Antonia is not as active on her Youtube channel as she used to be but her drawing tutorials are worth spending time watching.

Find Ando On Facebook | Twitter

Doodle Date By Adam & Steph

Doodle Date Profile Pic

About: Adam and Steph are a British art couple who love drawing outside, and enjoy creating art together. Adam is a colorblind artist who loves graphite and recently started getting into digital art and watercolor. Steph loves all colorful art supplies such as marker, watercolor, gouache and ink. The videos on Doodle Date Official cover tutorials on art techniques, craft projects.


What We Love: Adam and Steph have a unique way of presenting, you’ll either love it or hate it! They certainly don’t take themselves too seriously and add elements of wackiness and fun into each video. Adam’s take on being a colorblind artist are helpful for those who experience this too.

Find Doodle Date On  Instagram

Vexx By Vince Okerman

Vexx Profile Pic

Vexx makes art and shares it with the world! He has always been a huge YouTube fanboy and he became a YouTuber himself. The videos featured on Vexx’s Youtube channel cover drawing techniques, tips and tricks, product reviews and other art medium techniques.

Vexx Drawing Youtube Channel

What We Love: Vexx has a unique style that is clearly super popular. His art is incredible and definitely worth the time to watch.

Find Vexx On  Twitter | Instagram

Best Company/Art Suppliers Blogs

Artists Network


About: Artist’s Network focuses on techniques, knowledge, ideas and inspirations for artists. They provide print publications, online media, video education and real-time experiences.

What We Love: There is so much on offer from this group. There are plenty of helpful articles to read and tutorials to learn from. The beginners guide to drawing facial features has some excellent tips.

Art graphica


About: For more than a decade, ArtGraphica has been providing quality art lessons to educate and inspire artists from all backgrounds and ages.

What We Love: With over one hundred free lessons online, it may take some time to sort out which ones to choose to do first! The lessons are categorized depending on your skill level.

Urban Sketchers


About: Urban Sketchers is a global community of artists who practice on-location drawing. They are an international nonprofit who organize sketching workshops and symposiums throughout the world. Urban Sketchers is a global community of artists who practice on-location drawing. They are an international nonprofit who organize sketching workshops and symposiums throughout the world.

What We Love: They have a huge list of ‘Correspondents’ that feature artworks of other Urban Sketchers all over the world. Hours of inspiration to be found sifting through all the list.

Sketch Book Skool


About: Sketch Book Skool is a online art education site with paid courses on offer.

What We Love: The courses or ‘Korses’ as they have on their site cover a range of art education topics. There is no free content from this site, to enrol in each course, you need to pay.

Drawing Coach


About: For Mitch Art has always been a big part of his life. Since he was about 7 years old he wanted to be a video game artist, and he was lucky enough to realize that goal. He has worked as an illustrator for a newspaper, a special effects artist, a video game art director, a graphic designer, a webmaster, a set designer, and a children’s drawing instructor.

What We Love: This site has not been updated for many years but there is still interesting tutorials available.

Arty Factory


About: Artyfactory offers free art lessons for all. They offer art lessons, design lessons and art appreciation note. Their aim is to improve people’s artistic skills and encourage more enjoyment from creating artworks.

What We Love: The lessons on this site are varied and cover many different areas of drawing. They are not aimed at beginners, it will suit more advanced skill levels. The topics are interesting. Ever wanted to learn how to draw an African Mask?

Drawing Now


About: DrawingNow offers thousands of free online’How to Draw’ tutorials on the web. Covering topics on how to draw people, places, anime manga, cartoons, animals plus more.

What We Love: The tutorials are created with digital sketching so getting an idea of what the sketch would look like with pencil may be difficult. If using a digital medium to draw then these simple tutorials would be helpful.

Derwent Blog


About: Derwent is a well known brand of art supplies. Their blog covers a range of topics and features their own products and what art you can create with them.

What We Love: Articles about drawing published by Derwent clearly feature their own products. If you are a fan of Derwent Pencils you will be sure to find inspiration on different effects and uses for your drawings.


So there you go, plenty of incredible drawing blogs to inspire you. I know you’ll find something helpful.


    • Thanks Bethany for your kind words. My aim was to share all the hardworking Drawing bloggers, so that people can find inspiration for their own artistic endeavors. 🙂

  1. Wow, what a long list! I constantly search the internet to check out artworks of talented artists, and find similar articles. But I none of them mentioned so many artists. Thanks!

    • Hi Anna. That’s great that you have found some more inspirational artists in my post. Be sure to let us know your favorite Drawing bloggers. 🙂

    • Great to hear that you’ve found this post helpful Amelia 🙂 Enjoy all the drawing goodness these hard working bloggers offer.

  2. Hey! A very helpful overview. Thanks for sharing and supporting so many pages!
    If you like my website, I would be very happy if you add it as well. 🙂

    • Hi Tada. So glad you like the Drawing Blogs we’ve featured. There are so many talented artists out there!

      Thanks for getting in touch and sharing your website with me.

      I will be sure to take a look. Cheers Jodie 🙂


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