Weekly Craft Top 10 – Magical Unicorn Crafts

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For this week’s top 10 In Craft, I am talking about none other than mystical and magical unicorn crafts!

Amazing and fascinating creatures having existed in mythology for thousands of years.

They have their roots in Ancient Mesopotamian artworks, and they were also found in the ancient myths of India and China.

Did you know that International Unicorn Day is celebrated around the world on April the 9th?

There are many wonderful crafts here, for the young and young at heart.

There are some beautiful and incredible knitting and crochet projects.

Not to mention some simple but effective paper crafts that look amazing.

However, before all the glittery goodness, a little crafting progress report from me.


On My Needles

I managed to make another dishcloth this week using the free Loganberry Pattern by Knit Picks.

One of the stitches required was K1, P1, K1 all in the same stitch.

The video tutorial that is offered by Knit Picks was not very helpful.

You can’t see the creation of the this stitch clearly in the video.

So I went on the hunt for another tutorial.

Having found a video tutorial by Knitting with Mikey, that made creating the K1, P1, K1 all in the same stitch clear, I was sorted.

Loganberry Dishcloth by Jodie

I learned that this stitch effectively creates 3 extra stitches that help to create a ‘little berry’ or bobble.

Having finished that dishcloth, I am making another.

The pattern is Lacy Mock Cable Cloth by Vaunda Rae Giberson.

In the instructions on Ravelry it says use multiples of 8.

When I clicked through to the full pattern via a website link, it said use multiples of 8 + 2

I tried that, and it didn’t work.

So if you are interested in making this pattern, stick to multiples of 8 when casting on.

I cast on 48 stitches.

I am enjoying learning new stitches and getting a tiny bit faster too!


This Week’s Top 10 In Craft – Unicorn Crafts


Rainbow Cuddles Crochet Unicorn Pattern


Find all the details for this fabulous craft project by Chiwei from 1 Dog Woof here.

DIY ‘Stained Glass’ Unicorn


All the details for this crafty idea by Amy from Oh Happy Day can be found here.

DIY Unicorn School Supplies! Learn How To Make Cutest Unicorn Crafts

This video by Wengie from Wengie Youtube Channel is mostly about back to school crafts for unicorn craft lovers.

The crafts featured would be great just for day to day crafts.

Take a look at the instructions here.

DIY Unicorn Pinatas


To create this craft project follow the instructions by Victoria from A Subtle Revelry here.

Rainbow Unicorn Hooded Scarf Pattern

Unicorn-Scarf-Pattern-by-Lily-and-Mason-Boutique-Etsy-ShopBet you can’t wait to get started making your own version of this craft.

The instructions to follow by Keri Palbicki from Lily And Mason Boutique are here.

Whimsical DIY Jewelry Hangers


Super fun to make by Melissa from Polka Dot Chair.

All the details to create your own are here.

Ragdoll Unicorn Free Crochet Pattern

Unicorn-Ragdoll-By-Spin-A-Yarn-CrochetCreate your own version of this beautiful craft with the help of Jillian from Spin a Yarn Crochet

Find all the details here.

DIY: Unicorn School Supplies || Infinite Pen and Pencil Holder || Unicorn Crafts Book

This video Alexa from Alexa DIYS & Crafts is mostly about back to school crafts for unicorn craft lovers.

The crafts featured would be great for a kid’s or a kid at heart’s desk.

Take a look at the instructions here.

Unicorn Drink Cozy Knitting Pattern


Bet you can’t wait to get start making your own version of this craft.

The instructions to follow by Kristen from Studio Knits are here.

DIY Unicorn Dream Catcher


Agnes Hsu from Hello Wonderful shares their experience and tips for how to make this.

Find the details here.

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Editor’s note: Our readers have said, in their free time, they love going back over previous editions of our roundups.
– So we’ve kept the crafty goodness below from this time last year.

Cookie Cutter Clay Unicorns


Maggy from Red Ted Art has created a clear and easy-to-understand instructions to help you make this project.

Find all the details here.

A Happy Handmade Unicorn Craft


Just looking at this idea makes me want to get out my crafting supplies!

Find the inspiration by Jean Van’t Hul from The Artful Parent here.

Incredibly Cute and Playful Unicorn Puppets


Doing this project is a wonderful idea, and the results look fantastic!

Rachel from I Heart Crafty Things shares the information here.

No-Sew DIY Sleeping Masks with Free Template


To create this craft project follow the instructions by Cristina Riches from Birds Party here.

Mixed Media Paper Unicorn Craft


A project that may seem like a labour of love, but it will all pay off in the end!

Read all the details by Helen from Arty Crafty Kids here.

Printable Unicorn Pillow Boxes


Rachelle from Mom Collaborative steps you through the techniques used in this brilliant project.

Take a look here.

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume

Unicorn Costume by Shwin and Shwin

A really wonderful idea, this craft makes use of some great materials. Plus, the results look great.

Take a look at the tutorial by Shanna & Morgan from Shwin & Shwin here.

3D Construction Paper Unicorn Craft Printable Template


Andreja from Easy Peasy And Fun gives great step by step instructions on how to make one here.

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Hobby Horse


Create this fabulous idea by Liska from Adventure In A Box Take a look here.

Lets make a Mobile: Rainbows and Unicorns


Manja from Hattifant makes this look very easy!

An expert at what she does. Get the inspiration here.

DIY No-Sew Felt Rainbow Unicorn Costume For Kids


Some lovely ideas for a simple but effective craft.

Agnes Hsu from Hello Wonderful steps you through how to put it all together.

Follow the step by step instructions here.

Unicorn Pillow Sewing Pattern

Unicorn-Pillow-Sewing-Pattern-By-SolipandiWhat an incredible idea, I definitely want to do this one when I have time.

Solipandi from Solipandi gives you all the instructions here.

Unicorn Ornaments – DIY

Unicorn Ornament by Posh Little Designs

All the details for this crafty idea by Brandi Reid from Posh Little Designs can be found here.

Cardboard Tube Unicorn Craft


This would make a wonderful handmade project.

Emma from Kid’s Craft Room has done an excellent job, find the complete guide here.

LEGO Unicorn Building Instructions


Sarah from Frugal Fun 4 Boys & Girls has created this beautiful project for you to follow.

Check it out here.

Paper Plate Unicorn – Kid Craft

paper-plate-unicorn by Glued To My Crafts Blog

Stacey from Glued To My Crafts has some excellent crafty ideas, which you should try out here.

Unicorn Tote Bag

Unicorn-Tote-Bag-By-Damask-LoveA lot of time and effort has been put into this project, following the steps should be a breeze.

Check out the guide by Amber from Damask Love here

DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs


Find all the details for this fabulous craft project by Angie from Little Inspiration here.

Easy 3D Paper Unicorn Decoration


Bring some easy and amazing crafty goodness into your life with Maggy from Red Ted Art

Check it out here.

Unicorn Planter – Magical DIY Succulent Plant Pot Idea


Andreja from Easy Peasy and Fun steps you through the requirements to make these very creative ideas.

Have a look at their tutorial here.

Easy Unicorn Craft for Kids – with free printable template


This craft project would be super fun to make.

Thanks to Danielle from Someone’s Mom for this one.

All the details to create your own are here.


The mythical unicorns will continue to inspire the young and young at heart.

Hope you found a fabulous Unicorn Crafts project to try out. 🙂

Has this roundup inspired you? I’m glad to hear it.

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