It is The Little Things That Make Life Big 1

It Is The Little Things That Make Life Big

It is The Little Things That Make Life Big 1It is the little things that make life big, sometimes we need to celebrate this more.

Yes it can be frustrating when a craft project is just waiting to get finished!

However, even a little progress is one step closer to completion.

My Mom has brought out a knitting project, she hasn’t touched for 4 years!!

And thrilled to work on it even just for a little bit.

Our inspiration this week is focusing on craft that makes our lives big 🙂

History of Knitting ~ And Who Invented Knitting?

Vintage SweaterEver wondered who invented knitting or wanted to explore the history of knitting? Hard to believe that knitting guilds only accepted men!! Take a look at this article to see knitting history through the ages.

Design Mom Dessert For Two: Mini Cherry Crisps

Mini-Cherry-Crisps-For-TwoI absolutely adore cherries and this dessert looks amazing! Lindsey the recipe creator, shares the difference between cobbler, crumble and crisp which is helpful. Take a look at the gorgeous pictures stepping through the recipe, so mouth watering.

DIY Playful Hair Ties

Playful Hair TiesThis looks like such fun and a craft project to get kids involved in 🙂 Colorful, fun hair ties made from old magazines, colored paper and scrap paper. Take a look at Handmade Charlotte’s Tutorial

Quilting | Sewing a Polka Dot Table Runner table runnerSuch a fun and simple way to use up bits of colorful fabric in IHanna’s Polka Dot Table Runner. The tutorial is easy to follow and would not take long to do 🙂

Star Wars Cross Stitch Ideas

Star-Wars-Trilogy-Cross-Stitch-SamplerStitching the Night Away has a great roundup of Star Wars Cross Stitch ideas.

sewn-business-card-holder copyIf you love to sew these are a very easy way to store business cards. Keeps the cards from getting damaged in your bag. Take a look at Fallen Hem’s Tutorial.

It is The Little Things That Make Life BigHope this post reminded you of how it is the little things, that make life big  🙂 Please make sure to let me know any projects you have on the go, via the comment section below. Or via our contact page, on Twitter | Facebook Yours in Craftiness Emily 🙂

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  1. Loretta on May 22, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    Thanks for the mention. This is a great list of crafty goodness 🙂

    • Emily - Editor Crafty Like Granny on May 22, 2017 at 10:32 pm

      Our pleasure Loretta 🙂 Thanks for your kind words. Happy crafting! Cheers Emily

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