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Crafting Is My Kinda Thing

Crafting Is My Kinda Thing

Crafting is my kinda thing. Yours too?

There are so many fabulous craft ideas to be inspired by and only so many you can undertake, but that’s okay 🙂

When you do finish a craft project, it’s such a feeling of accomplishment and joy.

I am edging closer to finishing off a colorful crocheted blanket for my daughter, who can’t wait to use it.

Whatever work in progress you have going on, may it continue to bring happiness.

If you’ve recently finished one, relish that sense of achievement and by all means do a little happy dance!!

Hope you enjoy this week’s crafty goodness…

How to Transfer Embroidery Patterns onto Dark Fabric

transfer-embroidery-pattern My Poppet MakesPlease share and make Mondays fun, get our craft inspiration delivered to your inbox - Some great tips on the use of tracing paper and carbon paper, to make transferring onto dark fabrics a breeze. Take a look at Cintia’s Tutorial from My Poppet Makes.

11 FREE Perfect Crochet Hats for Fall

diagonalhatchslouchyhat Whistle and IvyPlease share. You will always look forward to Mondays, with our craft inspiration roundups -CraftyLikeGranny.comAs Fall has arrived, it’s the perfect time to crochet hats for the cooler weather. Having the extra warmth on your head is what you will be seeking. These gorgeous patterns and designs are just the thing to jazz up your wardrobe. Here are Bethany from Whistle and Ivy’s suggestions for free crochet hat patterns.

Golden Hour – Pure Knitted Gorgeousness

Knitted Bliss Golden Hour Sweater Please share. Join now for creative craft inspiration. The best in craft delivered to your inbox every Monday - CraftyLikeGranny.comJulie from Knitted Bliss has finished this gorgeous knit and is really thrilled with the results. Looks fantastic! In her post she shares the journey of knitting the Golden Hour sweater pattern.

Artistic Maps of India Show Hand-Woven Techniques of Each Region

India Textiles Map Please share. Make Mondays more manageable and sign up for our craft inspiration newsletter. Delivered to your inbox - CraftyLikeGranny.comA superb visual map of different hand-woven textiles used in different parts of India. Craftsvilla shares about each respective textile, giving a little historical insight across the country. A good reminder of how traditional textiles and textile art help shape culture across different countries.

Chevron Stitch Video Tutorial

Mary Corbet Needle and Thread Chevron Stitch Tutorial Please share. The best in craft delivered to your inbox every Monday - CraftyLikeGranny.comMary Corbet’s Needle and Thread video and post will make creating the Chevron Stitch a cinch! If you adore embroidery, Mary has heaps of helpful tutorials.

See Better, Draw Better: Exercises for Beginners

seebetterdrawbetter Craftsy Online Course Please share. Look forward to Mondays with our craft inspiration newsletter. Crafty goodness delivered to your inbox - CraftyLikeGranny.comTraining your hands and your eyes to work together is essential for drawing. Here’s a recommended online course for beginners for these skills, by Crafsty Instructor Kateri Ewing. We’ve recently shared our Ultimate Guide Resource Guide For All Your Drawing Projects, which has been welcomed by many of our readers. Great to hear that you’ve been enjoying your new found drawing confidence.

Crazy quilting: a 19th century fad inspired by Japanese art and British embroidery

Crazy Quilt inspired by Japanese art and British embroidery. Please share and make Mondays Fun. Sign up for crafty goodness at craftylikegranny.comAn Interesting read on the history of ‘crazy quilts’ and how they were inspired by Japanese art and British Embroidery.

Crating Is My Kinda Thing Please share and make Mondays more fun! https://craftylikegranny.comHope you enjoyed this week’s craft inspiration roundup.

Please share any projects you have on the go, via the comment section below.

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Yours in Craftiness Emily 🙂

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