Best Drawing pencils for all your art and craft projects. Please share and make Mondays fun, get our craft inspiration delivered to your inbox -

The Ultimate Resource Guide For All Your Drawing Projects

Best Drawing pencils for all your art and craft projects. Please share and make Mondays fun, get our craft inspiration delivered to your inbox -

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Best Art Pencils

Best Drawing Pencils For All Your Art and Craft Needs

Whether you are learning to draw, experimenting with sketching, shading, rendering or creating a rough draft of a soon to be masterpiece, you’ll need to know what the best pencils for sketching are.

Using different drawing techniques, the use of pencils can have a stunning effect.

There are hundreds of pencils on the market and finding a set of pencils can be a tad overwhelming. That’s where this post has you covered.

We’ve done all the research for you, so you don’t have to. We’ve spent many hours scouring top authority sites and reading reviews to come up with this comprehensive list.

Get ready to be one with your best drawing pencil and create magic!

Best Shading Pencils

What To Look For In The Best Drawing Pencils

A Wide Range of Lead Grades

As with most art/craft mediums, creators will experiment with different pencil grades to see the effects they can create. Having a wide range of lead grades will allow this.

Consistent Lead Quality

Consistency and smoothness of graphite drawing pencils are essential. This will ensure the pencil produces the effect that users are expecting.
Be sure to watch out for leads that scratch the paper, you don’t want that in your drawing experience. Some leads may grip the paper more than others and that’s okay.

Easy to Erase Without Smudging

None of us are perfect and sometimes there is a need to fix a mistake by using an eraser.
You want to be using pencils that erase well and won’t leave smudges. You do want your finished drawing to look good!

Sharpen Well

When choosing pencils look for carefully crafted pencils made with high-quality wood. When sharpened the shavings are clean. Well made pencils are less likely to break or have chisel-sharp broken tips or splintered ends when sharpened.

Best Pencils For Beginners

Which Pencils Are Best For Beginners?

Experimentation is key when you are first starting out on your drawing journey. The best drawing pencil set for beginners needs to have a range of options.  This allows you to work out what suits your style and what you create with different leads. Buying a selection of the best pencils for drawing with different grades would be a great way to start.

Do you consider yourself someone that can't draw? The video below shows some simple steps to prove that you can!

Why people believe they can’t draw - and how to prove they can

Understanding Grades Of Drawing Pencils

Grades of pencils refer to hardness and texture. H stands for ‘hardness’, F for ‘fine point’, and B for ‘blackness’.

The grades range from numbers 2 to 9. The letter following the number determines whether it is hard “H” or soft “B”.

In the middle where the two grades meet you will find things like HB, B, F (fine point) and H. Hard pencils are lighter in tone while soft pencils are darker.

So the actual order of the grades of pencils is like this:
9H 8H 7H 6H 5H 4H 3H 2H H F B HB 2B 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B 9B.

Higher H Grades

Sharpen to fine points
Take longer to become blunt
Make light marks


Good for drawing details and preliminary drawings that you may not want to be permanent.
Help blend the edges of darker areas for a gradiated effect.

Higher B Grades

Soft, dark pencils with high proportions of graphite.
Become blunter quicker than other grades, but they are also smoother.


With different levels of pressure, these pencils produce the most variation between light and dark.
Excellent for filling in dark areas, like shadows and facial contours.

Middle Grades: 2H-2B


The middle grades contain relatively balanced levels of clay and graphite.
Dark enough to show up well but are still hard enough to keep a sharp point

Good all-purpose pencils.
Great for detailed work.

The standard sketching pencil is HB or 2B. Many people recommend this a great all-around go-to pencil, due to the lead falling between soft and hard.

Best Graphite Pencils

Shading Techniques - How to Shade with a Pencil

by Matt Fussell
Learn shading applications such as hatching, cross hatching, blending, rendering, random or squiggly lines and stippling. Find out how to create the illusion of light with shading.

Learn The Basic Techniques For Drawing Realistic Eyes

by Darlene Nguyen

Follow Darlene's easy step by step tutorial on creating a realistic eye.

How to Hold and Control Your Pencil

Do you hold your pencil correctly? In this video, drawing educator and a painter; Stan Prokopenko, will show you a brilliant method of making your strokes more precise and less tiring.

How to Draw a Mandala

by Thaneeya at Art Is Fun
how-to-draw-a-mandalaDrawing mandalas can be very relaxing, and it's you who decides what the final result is supposed to look like. So it can't go wrong! Follow Thaneeya's step by step tutorial

2B or Not 2B? A Guide to Pencil Drawing Techniques

In this tutorial, you will learn the basic drawing techniques explained in an easily understandable way.

Learn How to Draw Cute Chibi Kawaii Pokemon Characters

Fan art is a great way to show your appreciation towards the creation of others. Do you like Pokemon? Then you'll love this series of simple tutorials!

Human Anatomy Fundamentals - Basics of the Face

by Joumana Medlej

How to draw basic Human Anatomy fundamentals of the faceLearn how about the proportions of the face, the eyes, nose, ears and lips in this tutorial.


How To SKETCH Like A Pro! - Tools, Tips, and Tricks!

Being able to sketch is an important part of any artist's toolbox. From a rough first draft to a finished masterpiece, sketching is a rewarding and simple art form. It can be done by anyone. But like any art form, it can be challenging and tedious. So for many people, this can end up as being more frustrating than enjoying. No one wants that, do they? Draw with Jazza has a fantastic video on how to Sketch, with tips, tricks, hints and more. From those starting out, to those who have honed their craft to perfection. This video has something for everyone.

Best Graphite Pencils For Drawing

From beginners to experts, having the right tools for your sketching needs is a great start. Having good drawing pencils is key to success. Here are some recommendations for graphite pencils.

Tombow Mono Professional Drawing Pencil- 6 pack with Eraser - Assorted degrees

Superb quality black lead pencil. High-density graphite encased in cedar wood. The manufacturing process ensures that the lead is centered within the wood casing, making it break resistant and easy to sharpen. Very high-quality drawing pencils.
1 Each: 2H, HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B, and Mono Zero Eraser (Round)

Click to learn more or buy at Amazon

Uni Hi-Uni Mitsu-bishi Pencil Art Set - 10B to 10H - Box of 22

These pencils offer slightly darker color and are softer than other brands. Very easy to sharpen cleanly, They are exceptionally smooth and come in every grade from 10H - 10B.

Click to learn more or buy at Amazon

Caran D'ache Graphite Line Gift Box Set

Caran D’Ache in Switzerland is the country’s only pencil manufacturer and has developed luxury crafted graphite pencils. These pencils have been carefully developed to offer all the different shades of black, thick and thin lines and a range of effects. The most luxurious pencil and for most, well worth the investment.

Click to learn more or buy at Amazon

Faber-Castel FC800028 Castell 9000 15 Piece Graphite Pencil Set with Bag

The consistency of the graphite encased in the quality wood is a wonderful feature of this pencil. Sharpens to a fine point and the bag that they come with are perfect for travel. Contains different grades of hardness and have superior black, break-resistant leads.

Click to learn more or buy at Amazon

Cretacolor Monolith Set

Cretacolor Monolith are woodless pencils that range in hardness from HB to 9B. These pencils have a protective lacquer coating and are easy to sharpen. Users have noted the comfortable weight of these pencils: not too heavy, not too light.

Click to learn more or buy at Amazon

Prismacolor Premier Graphite Drawing Pencils with Erasers & Sharpeners, 18-Piece Set

These are woodless pencils have high quality graphite and sharpen consistently. Range of grades with strong points. Includes: 7 Turquoise drawing pencils (8B, 6B, 2B, B, 2H, 4H & 6H), 4 woodless graphite pencils (2B, 4B, 6B & 8B), 3 water-soluble graphite pencils (HB, 4B & 8B), 2 erasers (Magic Rub vinyl & kneaded rubber), 1 steel sharpener and 1 sanding board.

Click to learn on Amazon

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Graphite Drawing & Sketching Pencils, Soft Set of 12 Degrees

These pencils are extremely break-resistant due to how they have been manufactured. They erase cleanly and the casings are made from sustainably-harvested cedar. Sharpening is a breeze with no cracks or splits. When in use they are smooth on the paper and easy to control.

Derwent Graphic Pencils (24 Pencil Set)

Excellent quality and craftsmanship. They draw smoothly and the range of pencils allows for crisp, detailed work. They blend beautifully and sharpen well. Users commented on how comfortable they felt in their hand.

Lyra Rembrandt Art Design

These pencils are smooth on the paper, great for shading and erase easily. Some of the best shading pencils. They are made of high-quality break resistant lead. Durable and lasting with a range of degrees from 4H-6B. (4H,3H,2H,H, F, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B)

Best Sketching Pencils

Best Mechanical Pencils For Drawing

Sick of sharpening your pencils? Mechanical Drawing Pencils are the answer!

What is a Mechanical Pencil?

Traditional drawing pencils have the lead or graphite bonded and encased in wood.

Not so the mechanical pencil, they have a lead or graphite core that is extendable and also replaceable.

The outer casing is often made from plastic or metal with comfortable grips.

What to Look for in Mechanical Pencils for Drawing

Lead Thickness

Obtaining different lines is very important for sketching. Having different lead thicknesses offers more variety in the effects you can achieve. A 0.3mm mechanical pencil is commonly used for detailed drawing. The 0.5mm is commonly used for technical drawing but has been found to be very versatile to create all sorts of styles.


Plastic, Metal or wood barrels, are the choices in casing materials for mechanical pencils. Choose one that does not easily crack or break with consistent use.


How a pencil feels in your hand is something you can only figure out. The comfort you experience during your sketching sessions is important, particularly if doing so for many hours.

Refills Are Readily Available

When choosing a mechanical pencil, considered the availability and cost of the lead/graphite refills.

Why use a Mechanical Pencil?

- As we mentioned before, you may be sick of sharpening a wood-cased pencil. Mechanical pencils require no sharpening due to their thin lead.

- The line width stays the same, unlike a wood-cased pencil that writes a thin line when newly sharpened but as you continue to draw, the line gets thicker

-  The balance of a mechanical pencil stays the same, unlike a wood-cased pencil which grows shorter as it is sharpened.

- You can keep a sturdy, durable mechanical pencil for years! You just have to refill the leads.

Learn More or Buy Mechanical Pencils at Amazon

Best Colored Pencils For Drawing

Best Colored Pencils For Drawing

Colored pencils bring wonder and delight to an art or craft project. Here are some recommendations for the best sketching pencils.

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 72 Count

Fabulous for blending and shading. The thick, soft lead is resistant to breakage. The colors are vibrant and the pigments are water-resistant, smooth and lightfast.

Faber Castell Polychromos 36 Pencil Studio Set

Encased in quality cedar wood, with bonded leads that are hard and keep a sharp point for longer. The colors are vibrant and are oil based. Easy to erase and a breeze to sharpen.

Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer 36 Watercolor Pencil Set Box

High-quality watercolor pencils. The leads are smooth. Their vibrant pigments enable stunning watercolor effects when water is added.

Best Drawing Pencils for all your art and craft projects. Please share and make Mondays fun, get our craft inspiration delivered to your inbox -

I hope that these recommendations help you make a decision on what drawing pencils you should purchase. Remember, it is always a personal decision when it comes to choosing your art materials. But hopefully, what I’ve presented here helps you make a more informed purchase.

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