Unique Creations

Unique Creations Not Mistakes

Unique Creations

Mistakes are just unique creations.

A good quote to remember when beginning any new craft skill.

Having a sense of humour when starting out is essential.

There are plenty of excellent tips this week shared by those who have been crafting for a while.
No doubt they also have had their fair share of Unique creations!

Take a look…

Best sewing tools for happy sewing

“The best sewing tools for happy sewing” This week I am sharing Part 1 of Lisa from Cucicucicoo’s post, about the best tools she recommends to  make your sewing projects easier.

Getting started with Crochet- The chain stitch

A very easy to understand video on how to get started with crochet and to make a chain stitch. It also has a great pictorial about all the steps too. Take a look here

Unique Creations

Cross stitch Basics

Cross Stitch Basics.  This informative list of the basic supplies you will need thanks to little lovelies by allison

Handmade Chocolate Stir Sticks

Over at Merriment Design, Kathy has a lovely handmade chocolate stir sticks recipe with beautiful pics showing the process. One to make with the kids..

A beginners guide to gardening

A beginners guide to gardening with an amazing list of resources by Gayla Trail at Grow Girl. Gayla’s writing is inspiring, as are her tips for beginning a garden.

Origami Christmas Tree ornaments

A fun way to use up origami paper to make sensational christmas tree ornaments Amy at DIY Candy shows you how here

A guide to Knitting Abbreviations and a Simple knitted hat pattern

A great reference for Knitting abbreviations from Noble Knits. It will help with this simple hat pattern by Felicia at The Craft Sessions that I am going to attempt to make.

What have you been crafting this week? Please share in the comments below about what has given you inspiration 🙂

Until next week

Yours in Craftiness 🙂
Emily – Editor Crafty Like Granny

Emily - Editor Crafty Like Granny

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  1. Kathy @ Merriment Design on December 13, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    Thanks for sharing my chocolate stir sticks. Happy holidays to you!! 😀

    • Emily - Editor Crafty Like Granny on December 14, 2016 at 1:46 am

      A pleasure, it’s a lovely idea for hand made gifts. Happy holidays to you too. Cheers Emily 🙂

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