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Pin Cushion that looks like a starfish on a table with quilted star pieces and blue cotton thread.

For this week’s Top 10 In Craft, it’s all about Star Wars Crafts that are creative and fun to share with all ages

Lots of variety to keep everyone engaged.

There is a crochet hat based on a character’s unique form, I wonder if you can guess which character?

There’s also a BB8 knitted toy that is so adorable.

But first a little progress report of my own…

On My Needles

I ripped back my knitting to the point where I had made a mistake with the left crossing cable stitches.

So far, so good, no more cable stitch mistakes.

Knitted Dishcloth in Aqua Cotton Yarn with cables

I will complete my dishcloth this week.

I have bought some more cotton yarn to make more dishcloths.

This week I will search for another exciting stitch pattern.

Stay tuned…

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Top 10 In Craft

My children adore the Stars Wars stories.

I was born in the early 70s, and I remember seeing the Star Wars movies and being mesmerized.

It’s amazing how the original movies have remained popular over the decades.

It’s been fun to re-watch the old and new movies with my children.

Hence the craft inspiration for this week…


R2D2 Free Knitted Beanie Pattern


It’s hard not to love this brave, courageous and often funny droid.

Who would have thought a droid who only spoke in a series of beeps and other noises would be such an expressive and beloved character?

R2D2 has helped his friends and allies through many tough and dangerous situations.

Shows that size doesn’t mean anything.

Knit this beanie pattern for the R2D2 fans in your life.


Porg Mini Amigurumi Pattern


How adorable are Porgs? These cute little bird creatures look like a combination of a penguin and an owl.

Introduced in the most recent film, they weren’t originally part of the concept.

The island that they were filming on in Scotland is home to many puffins.

As there was no way to edit the puffins out of the footage, the puffins had to be replaced. So, they came up with Porgs!

Create these mini crocheted amigurumi Porgs designed by Lucyravenscar.

They would make a great keychain gift.


Star Wars Death Star Pinata


Any Star Wars fan, young or old, would love a Death Star Pinata to celebrate a special occasion or as part of a Star Wars themed party!

It is not a particularly hard craft but it does take a little time, and, you do need to allow for drying periods.

Channel your inner rebel as you smash the evil Empire to gain freedom, (or in this case, treats!)

Follow Maggy’s tutorial on Red Ted Arts for how to make one.


R2D2 Pencil Holder


This Star Wars Crafts inspired project is suitable for the whole family.

Any Star Wars fan would love to have an R2D2 pencil holder on their desk.

Such a great way to customize an otherwise ordinary piece of storage, using a recycled can!

Amanda from Crafts Amanda has a tutorial to follow.

She also has other Star Wars craft ideas in her Star Wars Mania book.


Pick Your Side Cowl Free Knitting Pattern


How will you decide?

Are you more in tune with the Dark Side or Light Side of The Force?

Tricothon’s free knitted cowl pattern is available on Ravelry.

Such a fun design using double knitting and it is reversible.


Princess Leia Modern Cross Stitch Pattern


Princess Leia is a character I have always admired.

Courageous, diplomatic and a quick thinker, qualities I certainly aspire to and encourage my children to have.

The modern cross stitch pattern available in LenyBoop’s Etsy store is lovely.


Master Yoda Free Embroidery Pattern


The Master Yoda Pattern from Gee Knots involves some simple embroidery stitches and it looks great.

Perfect for a beginner it will be. (If you’ll pardon the joke, :))


BB8 Knitting Pattern


Another character who has charmed viewers of the more recent Star Wars movies.

BB8 is such a cutie. He adds so much to the movies, and sequences with him in them are a joy to watch.

The knitting pattern by Juanita McLellan is available in her post on The Knit Guru.


Darth Vader Free Quilt Pattern


In all good plots, there has to be an evil character.

Darth Vader certainly scared me when I was little!

For the Darth Vader fans, they would love this quilt design.

Follow the instructions on Shwin and Shwin.


Star Wars Twi’lek Hat Pattern


My children love this character, Aayla Secura.

She is a Twi’lek, (a very recognizable Star Wars species,) and a Jedi Knight.

Aayla is in the Prequel films, but she has her real chance to shine in the Clone Wars TV Series.

Stitching Up A Storm has created crochet hat pattern based on Aayla’s unique features.


Quilting pieces in a star pattern in blues and golds. Pin Cushion that looks like a starfish and reel of dark blue thread.

Plenty of interstellar and fantastic projects and crafts to make any Star Wars fan’s imagination take flight.

There’s something here for everyone, from the young to the old.

Do you have any crafty projects on the go at the moment? I’d love to see them!

Share them in the comments, or via our contact page, on Twitter | Facebook

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