Celebrate The Leaders Of Old – Top 10 Presidents Day Crafts To Honor Their Legacy

By Jodie Morgan

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For this weeks Top 10 In Craft, it’s all about Presidents’ Day crafts, celebrating the life of the USA’s first president, George Washington. Born in 1732, he was one of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Thus setting the USA on the course of becoming the country it is today. Nearly 300 years after his birth, his legacy is honored on the third Monday of February annually.

As you scroll through the crafty goodness, you may be wondering why we’ve included cherry inspired crafts. They are connected with President’s Day and George Washington. Why? Read on to find out….

There’s lots of variety in the crafts we’ve found to celebrate President’s Day. From simple crafts for preschoolers and kids to some beautiful knitting and crochet ideas.

You’re bound to find a wonderful project to do, and learn a bit about the history of this public holiday as well.

Before all that, a little bit of a crafting update from me.

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On My Needles

I finished the lace pattern Branta dishcloth by Knit Picks that I was having trouble with last week.

Branta Dishcloth Pattern knitted by Jodie

I realized that for some of my yarn overs, I was creating two of them instead of one.

So once I got the yarn overs sorted, I was able to merrily knit.

This color is ‘Morado’ in Spanish. Purple is one of my favorite colors.

Knitted Dishcloth Branta pattern from Knit Picks

The cast on and the bind off rows are a little tight.

So the finish is not as straight as I would like, oh well there is always room for improvement.

I haven’t cast on the next pattern. I am still choosing what to knit.

Crafty Tools – Making Your Everyday Better

New Line Of Wool - Muse - From Knit Picks

Knit Picks has introduced a new range of yarn called Muse.

Made from Superwash Merino Worsted Weight and hand dyed by Japanese artisans using only 3 colors.

The meticulous distribution of color minimizes the streaking and pooling other handpainted yarns are prone to.

Take a look at the beautiful colorways.

This Week’s Top 10 In Craft – Presidents Day Crafts

Editor’s Note – These crafts and images belong to their original owners. I didn’t create them, I wanted to showcase their amazing work to you, my lovely readers. Please pin the images from the owner’s site.

Presidents’ Day Cross Stitch


Barbara, an avid cross stitcher, was inspired to create a tribute to Abe and George. Read more in her post.

President Obama Crocheted Doll

Barack Obama Crocheted Doll

As a tribute to a past President, you could crochet this crocheted President Obama doll.

It is a free Ravelry pattern thanks to the designer Sherri Bush.

American Flag Crocheted Afghan


A free crochet pattern to make this American Flag Afghan.

A time-consuming project, but very well worth it, as the results are amazing.

The suggestion of making applique stars to sew onto the blanket is a nice touch.

Patriotic Knitted Dishcloth Pattern

Ahh, dishcloths. Despite some more “experienced” knitters dismissing them as amateur projects, they are simple, practical and great for when you struggle to make time for knitting.

Create a patriotic dishcloth for the occasion that would also look great as a table decoration.

Download the free pattern from Yarnspirations.

Knitted Cherries


Now, you may be wondering. Why are cherries connected to Presidents’ Day?

Well, according to folk legend, when George Washington was a small boy, his father owned an English cherry tree.

George had a small hatchet, and one day, tried it out on the cherry tree. He hacked it too hard, and the tree died.

Naturally, his father was furious and demanded to know who had done that.

But George had no fear, and told his father, trembling, he had done it.

His father was so impressed with his honesty and courage that he forgave the boy.

The legend goes that George Washington carried those traits with him throughout the rest of his life.

Celebrate the legend and the importance of those traits with these gorgeous knitted cherries by Phil from the Twisted Yarn.

Presidents’ Day Quilt Inspiration


See the inspiration Debby found for her Presidents’ Day Quilts in her blog post.

The image featured is her take on the White House Steps.

Rustic Ribbon & Lace USA Flag

Trim-and-Ribbon-Flag by Bev at Flamingo Toes

This bright idea by Bev at Flamingo Toes was for decorating her home for 4th of July celebrations.

If could easily be used for celebrating President’s Day too 🙂

For The Little Crafters…

Happy President’s Day Craft | Photo Booth Prop Tutorial


Kids will love to create these photo props and then see themselves in the photo.

Themed Photo Booth pictures are so much fun, and the kids will love to get involved!

Follow Jill’s tutorial on Sandy Toes and Popsicles.

George Washington’s Hat – Paper Craft


A bit of fun and learning for kids.

Cara from The First Grade Parade shares what activities her children enjoy and gives instructions to make a President George Washington Hat.

4 Presidents’ Day Craft Activities for Kids


This post includes four fun activities for kids to celebrate Presidents’ Day.

These include Cardboard tube Presidents – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and a Craft Stick Log Cabin.

Not to mention the very clever ideas of Hand-print Cherry Trees and Paper Plate versions of President Washington and President Lincoln.

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There, plenty of craft inspiration for all ages, and hopefully you learnt something as well!

Has this roundup inspired you to celebrate this part of the rich history of the USA? I’m glad to hear it.

Please do me and others a favor, and share this post on your social networks. Other people would love the craft inspiration for President’s Day.

Do you have any crafty projects on the go at the moment? I’d love to see them!

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