Sketch Book with rock and leaves and flowers ready to draw with Markers

Drawing Paper – A Guide For All Your Drawing Projects

What’s The Best Paper To Use With Copic Markers? – Check out all of these great tips from these amazing artists and drawing bloggers. Here is what they use…

When investing in top quality markers such as Copics, you want to find paper that will show off the beautiful artwork you’ve created.

As Copic Markers use alcohol based ink, it is not light fast, so eventually your artwork will fade over time. The key here is to choose good quality paper so that you extend the life of your artwork.

Copics also have the tendency to bleed through paper, a thicker paper like blending card minimizes this.

There are a number of paper weights, surfaces and textures. Some papers have coated surfaces and others are don’t have any coating.

We’ve searched out what top artists and drawing bloggers recommend as the best paper for markers.Sketch Book with rock and leaves and flowers ready to draw

For those of you who just want the quick answer and skip the rest, these are the
Best Seven Papers that Artists have highly recommended work best with Copic Markers.

Best Blending Card Paper For Copic Markers
X-Press It Blending Card

Best Cardstock Paper For Copic Markers
Hammermill Color Copy Digital 100lb Cover

Best Thin Professional Artist Paper For Copic Makers
Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad

Best Sketchpad Paper With No Bleed Through for Copic Markers
Crescent Rendr

Best Mix Media Paper For Copic Markers
Strathmore 400 series Mixed Media
Best Watercolor Paper For Copic Markers
Fluid 100 Hot Press Watercolor Paper – 140lb 300gsm

Best Bristol Paper For Copic Markers
Strathmore Bristol Smooth 300 Series

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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Paper For Copic Markers

It’s important to note that the way you use your copic markers, will effect the results you get on different papers.

For example if you are heavy handed with laying down the ink, if using thinner papers, you will find the ink will seep to the other side.

As Copics were traditionally created for the Japanese Manga Industry, these artists use uncoated paper like manga illustration paper.

For general illustration, artists recommend blending card,  stamping illustration paper or natural white sketchbook paper.

Paper Crafters recommend card stock to create designs with their markers. Preferably with a smooth surface and weight of at least 120lb.

It’s also wise to test and practice with different papers to see what works best for your style. Michele Boyer shared some excellent tips on how to test papers with your Copic Markers.

Read more about each paper below:

Copic Markers Alcohol Marker Pad

– This traditional paper has been designed for professional artists who need to go from sketch to finished piece.
– It is thin, so you’ll need to tape down your paper before you begin your work.
– Not really suitable for a beginner.
– Learning how to blend well will take time and practice.
– Need to be careful not to over do layering.

Copic Marker Sketchbook

– easy blending and works really well with the colorless Copic blender
– super smooth surface
– achieve great saturation and the ink lays down well

Too PM Marker Pad

– thin paper
– easy to blend
– can apply many layers and feathering is minimal
– not suitable for beginners

Bee Paper Bleedproof Marker Pad

– Smooth, elegant paper
– Excellent for marker, pen, pencil, ink work.
– Goes through Printers easily
– markers easily blend
– minimal feathering
– extends the life of the marker due to ink not being heavily absorbed
– economical

Copic Markers Stamping Illustration Paper

– Smooth and silky surface
– Does not bleed ink excessively
– Does not crinkle
– Thin enough to be compatible with printers

Colleen Schaan, an Educator for has tested a number of these papers. She shares her results in this video.

Choosing The Best Paper For Copic Markers Recommended By Artists

Jazza from Draw with Jazza a famous Artist on Youtube, recommends this paper when using his Copics.

X-Press It Blending Card

– Smooth ink laydown,
– great saturation point with multiple layers
– excellent blending quality
– durable

The X-Press It Blending Card paper works beautifully with other alcohol markers such as Spectrum Noir, Blick Studio Markers, Prismacolor Premier Markers.

Check Out Other Papers Tested With Copic Markers By Well Known Artists

Although Judy Winsor’s blog is no longer available, fortunately her very helpful Youtube reviews are.  In this video she tests a number of different papers with her copic markers. It’s a very informative video and she gives an in depth analysis on why some papers perform better with copics than others.
Copics are known to bleed so having the best paper for Copic Markers is key to having stunning drawings and illustrations.

Here’s a summary of her video review be Best Paper for Copic Markers

Graphics 360 Bienfang- 13.5lb

– Rough surface, she prefers smooth surfaces
– Poor blend
– some seepage
– lifting with colorless blender

Strathmore Layout Bond Paper – 16lb 60gsm

– Good for blending
– Bleeds alot
– Ink seeps through

Regular Inkjet Printer Paper 24lb 90gsm

– Seeps through
– blends ok
– smooth surface

Bee Paper Co.Heavyweight Drawing paper 93lb 150gsm

– Minor bleeding
– Texture is a rougher surface which she didn’t like. She would worry that over time her copic nibs would become worn.

Canson Mix Media XL 98lb. 160gsm

– Rough texture and the ink looks splotchy,which she doesn’t like.

Strathmore Bristol Smooth 300 Series – 100lb 270gsm

–  Minor bleeding
– Slight texture
– Smooth blending and ability to add multiple layers.
– Durable
– This is her personal favorite because it is an economical choice

Strathmore Mixed Media Vellum 400 – 140lb 300gsm

Strathmore 400 Series Mixed Media Pads

– Minor Bleeding
– Has texture which she doesn’t really like
– Didn’t like how the copic blended on this paper

Fluid 100 Hot Press Watercolor Paper – 140lb 300gsm

– Smoothest, buttery texture which she was surprised by
– Bled alot which was really disappointing.
– The blending was good.

Canson Fanboy Illustration – 150lb 250gsm

Canson Fanboy Comic and Manga Papers

– Was impressed with this paper but laying down many layers didn’t come up well, so when using this paper she’d remember this point.

Strathmore Bristol Vellum 400 Series – 2ply

– Thick paper
– No seepage through paper but was surprised at the bleeding.

The paper Judy loved the most were the Strathmore Bristol Smooth 300 Series, this is her personal favorite.
She was also really impressed with the Canson Fanboy Illustration paper.

Here’s her full review

Another popular Artist on Youtube ; Baylee Jay talks in her video about how important paper is in regards to how the Copics will behave and the life of your artwork. Her cheeky analogy about investing in expensive art markers but then buying the cheapest paper, is akin to going out for a really expensive dinner and eating it off the floor, because you are too cheap to buy the plate!!
Baylee Jay highly recommends investing in decent paper when using Copic Markers.

When looking for the best paper for Copic Markers she recommends considering these factors:
– Smooth surface
– Acid-free
– minimal ink feathering
– allows for layering
– vibrant colors
– good blending

In Baylee’s video  she shows the performance of her Copic Markers with these paper brands:

She also says that all of these papers would work with any alcohol based marker such as Prismacolor Markers,  Tombow Dual Brush Pens and Spectrum Noir Markers.

Winsor & Newton Marker Pad

– Hammermill Color Copy Digital 100lb Cover Cardstock

Canson cold press watercolor paper

Strathmore Bristol Board

Strathmore Mixed Media Paper

Here is a short summary of her results

Winsor & Newton Marker Pad

– Ink doesn’t soak through
– Blending is ok
– Very vibrant colors
– Super smooth surface
– Minimal ink feathering
– Layering results in a waterline
– Paper is thin so easy to crease if not careful

– Hammermill Color Copy Digital 100lb Cover Cardstock

– Great for blending and layering
– Minimal Ink Feathering
– Super smooth surface
– vibrant colors
– Can take many layers to get an even, flat color
– Paper is thick and durable

Strathmore Smooth 300 Series Bristol Board

– great for layering
– blending is ok
– colors not as vibrant
– smooth surface
– Can take more layers to get an even, flat color
– Paper is thick and durable

Canson Cold Press Watercolor XL Series Paper
Canson XL Watercolor Pads
– Great for layering and blending
– Colors are vibrant
– Rough surface
– Ink does feather
– Easy to lay flat color
– Although thick and durable it’s very absorbent and soaks up a lot of ink

Strathmore 400 series Mixed Media Paper

Strathmore 400 Series Mixed Media Pads

– Excellent for blending and great for layering
– Ink does feather
– Colors not as vibrant
– A little rough in texture
– Easy to lay flat color
– Paper is thick and durable

Her personal favorite papers are the Hammermill Color Copy Digtal 100lb Cover Cardstock. This is her choice of paper to use when doing art with her Copic Markers.
When she’s wanting to use more pastel Copic colors, the Strathmore Mixed Media Paper is her go to. It is also something she loves using when adding some paint and/or pencil to her art.

See her full review here

Other artists highly recommend this paper Crescent Rendr No Show Thru Paper

Users report that there is “no bleed, not even the slightest and the blending is phenomenal.”’s Product Specialist; Brandi York in her review of this paper said this:

“Excellent, solid coverage with some spotting from the texture of the paper. Some color shifting when the same color is layered over itself. Minimal blending is excellent; extensive blending becomes more challenging (ink can take a while to dry when heavily layered). Colorless Blender has little effect – some removal may be possible with great patience.”

In Lemia Crescent’s video review set out to prove that the Crescent Rendr wasn’t bleed proof. Her initial thoughts were that to say it was bleedproof was a big claim.
She set about creating some tests with a number of inks and found that even through all her attempts to disprove, she actually found it was at they claimed, bleed proof!
Her illustration of one of her characters; ‘Faye’ using Copic Markers on this paper, is beautiful to watch and the results are stunning. Lemia highly recommends this paper.
For her full review see below:

So that is a wrap for Best Paper for Copic Markers but what about papers for other popular brands of markers? Glad you asked! Read on for the Best Papers for Prismacolor Markers and Tombow Dual Tip Brush Markers.

Best Paper for Prismacolor Markers

Prismacolor Markers are another type of alcohol Marker and Artists recommend Smooth Bristol is the best paper for Prismacolor markers. The reasons why are, it is extremely economical and has many properties perfect for these markers. On Smooth Bristol, Prismacolor marker colors are vibrant, blend exceptionally well and experience minimal bleeding.

You can lay down many layers of the ink without the paper pilling or the colors becoming muddy. It’s also great because smooth bristol paper does not absorb lots of ink.

One highly recommend Bristol paper to use with Prismacolor markers is Strathmore Bristol Paper

Artists  have found that Prismacolor Markers generally work their best on medium-weight, non-rough papers.  Apart from Smooth Bristol Papers, other types such as “smooth cardstock”  are excellent because they have tight paper grain, which virtually eliminates bleeding.

Paper weight is usually not important. Type, not weight, is key. Excessively absorbent papers, such as thick watercolor paper, are undesirable as they suck up massive amounts of ink and produce splotchy art.

Best Paper For Tombow Dual Brush Tip Markers

Unlike Copic Markers and Prismacolor Markers, Tombow Dual Tip Markers are not alcohol markers. Tombow Dual Tip Markers have water-based ink.

As such you can create beautiful water color effects with these markers and they blend very well.

The paper type that is recommended to work well with Tombow Dual Brush Tip Markers are smooth, that have little or no ‘tooth’. This refers to the amount of roughness a paper has.

Here are some highly recommended Papers to use with Tombow Markers

Best Paper For Illustrations with Tombow Markers

– X-Press It Blending Card 

– Smooth ink laydown,
– great saturation point with multiple layers
– excellent blending quality
– durable

A semi transparent paper that blends beautifully is Canson Marker Paper.

Best Watercolor Paper To Use With Tombow Markers

Choose a hot press watercolor paper as opposed to cold press watercolor paper. Arches Hot Press Watercolor Paper is many artists choice but is a little pricey.

A more economical choice is the  8×10 Hot Press Strathmore Watercolor Papers.

Best Papers To Use With Tombow Markers When Hand-Lettering

– For daily practice on printable lettering worksheets, go with HP Premium Choice Laserjet Paper. Users report that this brand works fine with Inkjet printers.

– If you are just beginning and require the assistance of guides, the Rhodia Dot Pad is an excellent choice.

It helps with keeping your lettering a uniform size.

Summing Up

Thanks to all the artists for sharing their expertise with best papers for markers. It makes it much easier having a starting point for suitable drawing papers for all your marker needs.
If you’ve found this super helpful, please share with a friend 🙂

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