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By Jodie Morgan

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Crafty Like Granny begins…

I’ve just got back into craft after a long lapse.

My own Mum is the inspiration for this site. ‘Granny’ as she is now known to my daughter,  has been doing creative things all her life and taught me many crafty skills.

My reasons for starting this newsletter was to save other people wanting to get back into craft or just to begin, time. We are all time poor and searching the internet is a huge time sucker!!

So every week my aim is to bring craft inspiration, tips and tricks to you in this short and sweet newsletter.

Here is the first one…

Knit a Super Colourful Pop Blanket

Something to aspire to. This super colourful POP blanket – hot mod polka dots by designer; Emily Wessel at Tin Can Knits is truly gorgeous. Emily also has created a tutorial to guide you along your way.

Arm Knitting – what fun!!

Have you heard of or tried Arm Knitting? I saw this on Handimania’s Facebook page and thought what fun! Take a look

Something I’ve always suspected…Knitting Keeps You Healthy 🙂

One of the benefits of knitting; reducing anxiety and stress. Read more here

Crocheting ‘Plarn’

Are the plastic shopping bags piling up in your kitchen cupboards and you love crocheting? This simple and effective way of upcycling plastic bags by making it into ‘plarn’ is just fabulous. Read more here

Crafty End of Year Teacher Gift

With the end of the year fast approaching, you might be thinking what to give as gifts to your children’s teachers. The gorgeous Christmas Notebooks tutorial by crafty best friends; Chica and Jo, is something you and your children can create.

Simple guide to using Circular Needles

Having had my first attempt at using circular needles recently, I found this simple guide very helpful and hope you do too.

Looking forward to sharing the best hand-picked tips, trends and stories, that will enhance your craft pursuits – without the fluff.

Yours in Craftiness 🙂 Jodie

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