You Know You Knit Too Much When…

You Know You Knit Too Much When.

Happy Holidays! If you have made hand crafted gifts for loved ones, may you relish their big appreciative smiles. You know you knit too much when… I know when I am knitting too much – my family says “You really love knitting don’t you. It is all you seem to do!” As I’ve mentioned before, … Read more

Knitting Soothes The Troubled Spirit


Relaxation and knitting. This quote, sums it up beautifully… “Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.”― Elizabeth Zimmermann My very first Crafty Like Granny newsletter linked to an article about the health benefits of knitting and a recent study has shown that knitting, crocheting and jam making … Read more

Unique Creations Not Mistakes

In Crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations. Please share. Sign up to our craft inspiration roundup newsletter and make Mondays more manageable. Fabulous Crafty ideas and projects delivered to your inbox -

Mistakes are just unique creations. The above is a good quote to remember when beginning any new craft skill. Having a sense of humor when starting out is essential. There are plenty of excellent tutorials and craft ideas this week shared by those who have been crafting for a while. No doubt they also have … Read more

Creativity- The More You Use the More You Have

Many people often find they get on a roll when it comes to crafting. They just keep on going because being creative is rewarding. I have finally finished a crocheted Granny Square blanket for my daughter. It has been a long time in the making 🙂 It felt so good to complete it and see … Read more

Crafty Like Granny Begins

Crafty Like Granny begins… I’ve just got back into craft after a long lapse. My own Mum is the inspiration for this site. ‘Granny’ as she is now known to my daughter,  has been doing creative things all her life and taught me many crafty skills. My reasons for starting this newsletter was to save … Read more